What to Do if You Are Wrongfully Accused of Healthcare Fraud?

What to Do if You Are Wrongfully Accused of Healthcare Fraud?

When facts are misrepresented of concealed surrounding medical services that are provided to patients, it can be considered fraud by investigating agencies. Many cases surround billing fraud, unbillable services, and providing medically unnecessary services to patients. When professionals are accused of engaging in healthcare fraud, it is imperative that they take various steps to ensure their legal rights are protected. Working with a knowledgeable healthcare fraud defense attorney will ensure you have the best legal defense imaginable to beat your case.

Steps to Take After Being Accused of Healthcare Fraud

If you have been accused of healthcare fraud, the first thing you will want to do is evaluate your billing records. Look over your records to determine if any possible mistakes occurred. You may have simply entered billing information incorrectly, which triggered a flag for fraud. Gather any evidence you have to show that the fraud charges are false. If you discover any errors in your records, do not try to correct them. Doing so will only make you look more suspicious.

If your accusations surround services provided to patients, gather records that will help support your decision for rendering the services for the patient. Any relevant information and documents should be collected that show why the treatment was provided and why it was the best course of treatment available.

In some cases, medical professionals are subjected to search warrants. It is crucial to verify that the warrant is legal before allowing any law enforcement agencies to come in and seize documents. Nothing should be handed to them, and no one should be allowed inside unless they present a legal search warrant to you.

Hire an Attorney

At any time during the legal proceedings, an auditor or another government investigator may become involved. Although it is not necessary to hire an attorney, you can benefit greatly by retaining the legal guidance of a qualified defense attorney in your area. Working with an attorney will ensure you are prepared ahead of time for any possible questions. An attorney will help guide you so that you do not incriminate yourself and make yourself look guilty for crimes you did not commit.

Healthcare Fraud Group Can Help You

Being accused of healthcare fraud can have a detrimental impact on a provider’s personal life and career. For this reason, it is crucial to see legal guidance from a qualified and knowledgeable healthcare fraud defense attorney as soon as possible.

Our healthcare fraud defense attorneys at Healthcare Fraud Group are proven healthcare fraud lawyers who work in all fifty states to provide legal assistance to those accused of Medicare fraud, billing fraud, or another type of fraud involving the healthcare industry. Our team reviews the evidence against our clients and works aggressively to fight any charges they may face. We understand the life-altering impact being charged with healthcare fraud can have on a professional, which is why we strive to have all charges thrown out or reduced. Contact our law firm today at  (888) 402-4054 to see how our team can help you.

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