What to Do if You are Being Charged with Laboratory Fraud

What to Do if You are Being Charged with Laboratory Fraud

The federal government is constantly reiterating its commitment to investigating and prosecuting people who engage in health care fraud acts. In some instances, laboratories are suspected of engaging in activities designed to fraud government-backed healthcare programs. Federal prosecutors across the United States have over-emphasized their commitment to pursuing laboratories who submit false claims to healthcare companies like Medicaid, Medicare, and TRICARE. The crackdown by the government comes in correlation with the dramatic increase in lawsuits by private health care providers against labs for unnecessary testing and improper billing.

What is Laboratory Fraud?

Laboratory fraud is the act of engaging in fraudulent practices aimed to deceit a government-funded healthcare program in the United States. There are various practices in laboratories that constitute fraud. Some of the most commonly reported fraud acts include:

Anti-Kickback: There are numerous instances where laboratories provide improper incentives to doctors and physicians for referrals. Many labs provide kickbacks or free equipment like urine cups in exchange for doctors’ promises to refer patients to a particular lab.

False Claims Act: Numerous labs are busted each year for fraudulent billing practices. When laboratories bill healthcare providers for unnecessary and indiscriminate testing, they can be charged with fraud. An example of a false claim would be when a lab performs and bills for tests that are not related to an illness or injury suffered by the patient. Other false claims include billing providers for services that were never rendered.

Stark Law Violations: The third most common type of laboratory fraud involves Stark Law violations. There are numerous instances where doctors and other providers refer patients to laboratories that are in their best financial interest.

If you are being accused of laboratory fraud, it is in your best interest to reach out to a knowledgeable health care fraud defense attorney in your area as soon as possible. Being convicted of laboratory fraud can result in extensive prison sentences, tens of thousands of dollars in fines, the loss of a professional license, and jeopardized freedom and relationships. The legal, professional, and personal consequences of these charges are stacking and can impact nearly every aspect of our life. Working with an attorney will ensure you have a chance to fight your charges and regain your life back.

Healthcare Fraud Group Can Help You

The increased number of care providers throughout the United States engaging in fraudulent actions places innocent and moral care providers at risk of being falsely accused. Being charged with healthcare fraud can have a detrimental impact on a professional’s career. If you were accused of committing laboratory fraud, billing fraud, or engaging in other actions that constitute healthcare fraud, it is crucial that you reach out to an aggressive healthcare fraud attorney as soon as possible to protect your legal rights.

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