Healthcare fraud is the process of abusing medical or pharmaceutical procedures to gain revenue. These practices may consist of forming illegal alliances with parties to create income, engaging in premature practices that leave room for incompetent prescriptions and procedures, and coding irresponsibly to gain more revenues.

The outcome of these practices is never good for the economy. It tends to deplete the medical system’s functionality. These malpractices may occur in a variety of different federal healthcare payer programs like DOL, Medicare, Tricare, and others.

Are You Likely To Receive An Audit?

Pharmacies, primary care physicians (PCP), toxicology groups, and other associated businesses may have received notifications about Tricare audits. You may have many questions about the significance of the audit and the proper procedures that should be taken.

Our experience in Tricare fraud can provide you with the appropriate insights to help relieve your stress by making the audit process as pain-free as possible. You may also benefit from our services if you are seeking to stay ahead of the auditing process so that you can be prepared in case you receive an audit. We are willing to help all potential clients who have inquiries about these circumstances.

If You’ve Already Received An Audit

If you have already received an audit, please do not panic or act impulsively. This is not a matter that requires you to feel threatened. You should not respond too casually, either. The questions within’ the audit were constructed with the intent to gain information about your daily practices like prescription activities, patient treatments, doctor-patient relationships, and more.

Possible Negative Outcomes

Answering these questions irresponsibly can falsely hold you accountable for violations and crimes that can hinder your career. The government is seeking to identify practitioners who violate the Federal False Claims Act and others that deem them liable and guilty. If your practice Is held in contempt of violating regulations, then you are in danger of facing civil and or criminal penalties.

Reasons For Accusations

As explained earlier, there are multiple reasons for audits. The government may have personally requested this information from all practitioners in your field. There could have also been a whistleblower that applied the Qui tam approach to receive rewards along with the government. Suspicious activities and revenues may have brought attention to your facility and needs further clarification.

We know that business requires you to engage in multiple different transactions daily. It may be hard to monitor revenues and ethics according to guidelines and suggestions. Fortunately, your revenue does not classify you as guilty. As always, you are not guilty or in violation of anything until it is proven otherwise. Here is a list of actions that deem individuals guilty of violating any statutes or committing crimes.

  • Engaging in or submitting fraudulent claims to get paid
  • Unknowingly submitting a claim that is false or fraudulent in order to profit
  • Knowingly submitting a claim that is false or fraudulent
  • Conspiracy to deceive government property by conducting fraudulent claims for profits

The Audit Process

The audit process can occur in two ways. The first outcome is, you respond without strategizing and thoroughly answering questions to fall into a trap potentially. This would leave room for further questions to be asked that will extend the time of your audit. It could also shed light on other aspects that the government feels needs more attention.

The other outcome is, you utilize legal advice to respond honestly and appropriately. This will help to ensure that your responses are understood and well-respected. You will also gain insight from discussions with your attorney about what is expected of persons who are deemed guilty throughout the auditing process. This could improve the overall quality of your business and its relationship with the government.

How To Get Through This Process Correctly

To get through this process, you need to react honestly while having a thorough understanding of the questions’ preconceived intentions and abilities. This does not mean that you should respond immediately. The right approach to the auditing process involves you thinking clearly and being informed of what is going on.

Consulting with the right attorney should give you a sense of peace throughout the process that you will appreciate for your entire career. The audit can be done faster, and risks can be reduced without you having to participate in any further governmental investigations. You also will be able to avoid having any negative feelings towards any audits that you may receive in the future. You may also be able to inform others about your experience so that you can exude a higher level of professionalism throughout your field.

Trust Bell P.C. Healthcare Fraud Group

Bell P.C. is a reputable firm that is also known as The Health Care Fraud Group. Bell P.C and associates have been representing clients who have needed to combat the convictions of fraud throughout the federal health system. The Health Care Fraud Group consists of experienced legal professionals who are passionate and competent enough to help clients like you during their auditing process successfully. This group is highly qualified and capable of working in your defense to ensure that your reputation and professionalism is represented accurately.

When you contact Bell P.C., you are trusting highly accredited attorneys and legal specialists who utilize their knowledge and skills to defend clients throughout the United States of America. The group consists of federal prosecutors that are formally recognized as U.S. attorneys, assistant U.S. attorneys, and former U.S. Department of Justice trial lawyers who are willing to use their authority to perform the appropriate procedures correctly. These professionals are especially experienced in areas of federal investigations, appeals, and trials.

What We Specialize In

We know that Tricare audits and related procedures are tools that can be be used by the government in favor of the Federal False Claims Act to attain funds and other forms of payment. It is a harsh penalty for all entities that are deemed liable. Bell P.C.’s nationally-recognized team of professionals have been actively involved with cases related to fraud. They have gained recognition for delivering excellent work because of this. Bell P.C. also has ties within the Department of Justice that allow us to take the extra initiative that is needed to promote justice.

Our professionals have been involved with the Department of Justice for decades. This means that we are familiar with all issues related to federal health fraud and its tendency to trigger multiple different federal agencies. We are also capable of defending clients who may need representation for cases that might involve the IRS, the FBI, the DEA, OIG, DHHS, CMS, and more.

Our Values

This team of professionals values our overall ability to help implement justice for those who deserve it. We know the importance of informing our clients about their situations and circumstances. Bell P.C. is proud to function as a qualified firm that gives clients the proper remedies and information that is needed to improve their work and ensure outcomes for a more significant cause.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide clients with the proper representation and information that is needed for them to function as competent entities of the United States so that their practices are beneficial to all parties involved. It is our priority to make your legal processes and investigations stress-free and understandable. We would also like to make sure that every client is adequately compensated and rewarded.

What Cases Do We Handle?

Bell P.C. is comprised of legal professionals who can address a large variety of legal areas. We have had clients who needed representation for cases on civil rights, allegations against drug charges, representation against the mistreatment of privacy, and other circumstances that require our resources and capabilities. Here is a general list of case classifications that we have experience with:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Financing
  • Home and Clinical Care
  • Extensive Sales
  • Health Care
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Qualification for possible defendants

Qualified candidates for Bell P.C. are entities who have experienced any of these legal circumstances and want professional help from our qualified legal specialists and attorneys. We are here to provide the proper representation for candidates who are willing to put their trust in us and apply the proper attitude to complete their case.

Our experts are also capable of representing defendants who seek help in various areas of the law. This means that you could reduce expenses when choosing this group. Legal matters require specific specialties. This is why different lawyers specialize in different areas of the law. Instead of visiting multiple different attorneys for your case, you can make a one-stop-shop to Bell P.C. We will use our experience to apply loopholes and other advanced professional techniques in your case.

Why Are We The Best

Bell P.C.’s extensive Network allows clients to access various sources and capabilities that would not have been applicable without our guidance. Our long years of experience gives us the ability to anticipate and avoid unnecessary steps and outcomes throughout your case. This will help to save you time and money so that stress is not a hindering factor.

We Work With You

Our internationally recognized associates and practitioners are also willing to work under varying conditions like the establishment of a retainer, a contingency fee, or other payment methods.

Get Legitimate Representation

Our attorneys and professionals are up to date and active within the industry. This means that you will have a team that can provide you with strong primary and secondary sources. These are advantages that can increase your company’s value and relevance.

You Deserve The Best Representation

We can assure you that our well-established track record of success will not end with your case. We have been proven to help clients experience legal miracles that they can profit from in many ways. Our federal defense attorneys and prosecutors have accomplished a significant number of victories that we are proud of. We are especially fond of our record for being the largest verdict in the United States in 2017 and the ninth-largest against JP Morgan Chase Bank by achieving the victory of 6 billion dollars.

Here is a list of some of our victories

  • Lead counsel for a pharmaceutical company against TWINMED in a 10 million dollar defense case. we won the case for a defendant
  • We led the trial counsel for a medical center. Our group was able to accomplish a beneficial jury verdict and assign all attorney fees to the hospital.
  • We’ve gained a victory of 15 million dollars in settlements do to a confidential dispute for a client.
  • Represented a client as lead counsel in a full-time Healthcare lawsuit. Our clients were dismissed and set free of all charges.
  • We defended a company in fraud investigations by the U.S. attorney’s office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Our clients were set free with the victory of no civil or criminal charges.

Contact Us Today!

If you are experiencing legal conflicts like investigations or other legally threatening procedures, please contact Bell P.C. to receive legal representation from The Health Care Fraud Group. Our team will immediately approach your case with the aggressive defense that is required to make your tricky circumstances our next victory.

We believe that nothing is too complicated for our 100 years of combined experience. We will do everything we can to make sure that you are more confident and informed about your legal matters so that audits and other forms of the investigation never intimidate you again. Please, call the Healthcare Fraud Group today, or schedule your confidential consultation online today. We are eager to win your justice.