Targeting Pain Clinics to Combat Health Care Fraud

Targeting Pain Clinics to Combat Health Care Fraud

Statistics show that more than 50 million Americans deal with chronic pain on a daily basis. To help alleviate some of the pain and suffering they experience, patients across the country turn to pain clinics. These specialized clinics are staffed by doctors and nurses who are dedicated to helping patients obtain a sense of normalcy and regain the ability to function without letting their pain take over their lives. As you can imagine, pain clinics play a critical role in helping patients across the country go back to work, perform tasks, and simply enjoy life.

Although these clinics are extremely beneficial, there are numerous medical professionals who allow greed to control their practices. As a result, Federal and state enforcement agencies have taken drastic measures toward expanding drug task forces to combat this problem. Regrettably, innocent pain clinic operators are also experiencing the consequences.

Why are Pain Clinics being Targeted for investigations?

Although there is no denying that we are currently seeing an epidemic surrounding prescription drug abuse, the problem is blurring the line between facilities that provide adequate health care for patients and those functioning to provide narcotics to abusers. The war on drugs is focused on combating the illegal dealing of narcotics. Statistics show that over 120 people die every day as a result of overdosing on opioids. Pain clinics engaging in untrustworthy and immoral practices are a leading driver of these horrific rates.

Unfortunately, the increasing scrutiny that pain clinics are under has had a devastating impact on widening the gap between legitimate providers and patients who need help for chronic pain conditions. As the fear of being prosecuted increases, we are seeing more scrupulous turn away patients who are suffering. Should your clinic be suspected of engaging in illegal practices, it is crucial that you reach out to a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

What To Do If You are Charged with Healthcare Fraud

Patients turn to doctors and medical professionals every day to address issues and health concerns they are having. In some cases, doctors prescribe medications to patients to address their problems. Sadly, there are numerous cases where medical professionals are wrongfully accused of illegally distributing or prescribing medications to patients. If you find yourself facing these devastating charges, you must contact a healthcare fraud defense attorney as soon as possible.

Doctors who are charged with illegal distribution can lose their license to practice. Unfortunately, that is the beginning of the negative consequences they face. Perpetrators can face up to 20 years in prison and have to spend millions of dollars on fines for their actions. For this reason, our criminal defense attorneys at Healthcare Fraud Group work diligently to help those accused of these horrific crimes and assist in having their charges thrown out. We provide reliable and aggressive representation to ensure doctors and medical professionals have the best chances of facing reduced or thrown-out charges. If you are accused of illegal distribution, contact our criminal defense attorneys at (888)-402-4054 to explore legal options available for you.

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