Three Charged in $6 Million Health Care Fraud Conspiracy Scheme

Three Charged in $6 Million Health Care Fraud Conspiracy Scheme

Camden, NJ (June 25, 2020) – A federal grand jury in New Jersey has returned a 33-count indictment against three people in the area who engaged in a health care fraud conspiracy scheme totaling more than $6 million. A fourth individual also pleads guilty to signing a small number of prescriptions for patients he never met.

Reports from the indictment show that beginning in 2017, the conspirators involved in this scheme recruited several others from throughout New Jersey to obtain expensive and medically unnecessary compound medications from a pharmacy in Louisiana. The conspirators took the knowledge they gained surrounding the potential reimbursement of thousands of dollars from the government for various compound drugs and coupled it with the knowledge that many firefighters, teachers, police officers, and state troopers had healthcare coverage that covered these products.

The group would meet with patients and order medications against their knowledge that was not needed so they would receive the reimbursement. In total, they received more than $6 million in reimbursements for the medications. The US Attorney’s office announced that a grand jury returned a 33-count verdict against 46-year-old Vincent Tornari, 42-year-old Brian Sokalsky, and 63-year-old Ashley Lyons-Valenti for their involvement in a complex scheme to receive kickback payments totally millions of dollars for compound medications that were medically unnecessary. A fourth doctor, Michael Goldis, also pleaded guilty to four counts of making false statements related to healthcare matters.

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Although all physicians are expected to uphold specific ethical standards to do no harm, we continue to see doctors accused of engaging in completely heinous actions. Sadly, many doctors are accused of horrific acts that cause the deaths of patients under their care. These charges can lead to lengthy prison sentences, millions of dollars in fines, and a variety of other negative repercussions. For this reason, it is crucial for the accused to reach out to a health care fraud defense attorney as soon as possible.

We at Healthcare Fraud Group have extensive experience representing medical professionals in protecting their legal rights after being accused of various types of health care fraud. We provide aggressive legal representation to ensure those accused have the best chances of having their charges thrown out or dismissed. If you have been accused of distribution, health care fraud, or another related offense, contact our criminal defense attorneys at (888) 402-4054 to schedule a free case evaluation to see how we can help you.

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