The vicious cycle of drug addiction fueled by medical professionals themselves: Doctors prescribing drugs without any reason in Maryland.

The vicious cycle of drug addiction fueled by medical professionals themselves: Doctors prescribing drugs without any reason in Maryland.

In another case of glaring forgery in the healthcare sector, a doctor was charged and convicted for prescribing a controlled substance in an unlawful manner. Paul Roberts was the forty-eight-year-old doctor who was from Fultondale in Birmingham of Alabama. The case was disclosed by US Attorney Prim F. Escalona. Others who were also in the team that released the statement regarding the case included Federal Investigation Bureau’s Special Agent In-charge Johnnie Sharp Jr. and DEA Assistant Special Agent In Charge Clay Morris.

Roberts owned a care center in Fulton. The center was called Southeast Urgent Care. He admitted to being guilty of prescribing controlled substances even though there were no medical reasons for them. Furthermore, he also admitted to signing blank prescriptions that were later allowed to be filled with controlled substances by staff who were not qualified for the task. These staff included X-ray technicians and such. In addition, he also suggested sexual favors from women patients. These he suggested in return for prescribing controlled substances.  He also defrauded Blue Cross Blue Shields by falsely billing them for office visits. Besides that, he also defrauded health insurance companies. These frauds also involved billing claims for controlled substances without necessity. The bills amounted to more than two million dollars. The court ordered him to pay compensation of two million and two hundred thousand dollars as compensation. Also, a fine of a hundred thousand dollars was also imposed on him. He was sentenced to six years of incarceration. After that too, he was ordered to twelve years supervision. He was taken to custody by the U.S. Marshalls. He was stripped of his medical license too as a part of his punishment.

In another similar case, a sixty-two-year-old man named Stanley Reeves was sentenced to three years and two months imprisonment for healthcare forgery. He was a pharmacist and the owner of F & F Drugs located in Demopolis. His scheme also involved defrauding health insurance companies using bills for prescriptions of compounded drugs without necessity. The total amount of defrauded was ten and a half million dollars. He was ordered to compensate for the same amount. Also, a sum of nine hundred thousand dollars was ordered to pay as forfeiture. A fine of one hundred thousand was also charged. At the time of sentencing, Reeves gave a sum of four hundred thousand dollars. He was also stripped of his pharmacist’s license.

Prim Escalona expressed her distaste towards the crime. She was a US Attorney. She explained that such criminals knowingly broke the law in order to make selfish gains at the cost of people’s health. She stated that such crimes risk the lives of people and cause a burden on the healthcare system. Hence, her office would continue to focus on eliminating such crime.

The representative of DEA also assured that the office was persistently checking for people who try to prescribe drugs without medical reasons. He expressed acknowledgment for the hard work of different agencies and offices in bringing the case to light. He further stated that the crime was punished.

FBI Agent Sharp also warned those in the medical profession that they could not get away with illegally distributing controlled substances even though they were doctors. He gave the examples of the criminals of these cases who were involved in such crimes, but they got convicted even though they were licensed, medical practitioners. They had gone against the oaths that they had taken as medical professionals. And they paid for it. He also expressed his sadness in the fact that while there are many those who battle addictions to drugs, there are also people in the profession that are supposed to help them in the battle but rather push them further into the vicious cycle by illegally providing them with drugs.

Another man charged in a similar case was a forty-six-year-old man named Brett Taft. He was also charged with forgery in compounded medication services.

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