Specialist Involved In Health Care Bribery Scam And Sentenced To More Than Three Years In Imprisonment

Specialist Involved In Health Care Bribery Scam And Sentenced To More Than Three Years In Imprisonment

PENNSYLVANIA – Judith K. Arbittier Frances the First Assistant United States Attorney confirmed that Gerald Carl, 58, from Hatfield, Pennsylvania was convicted to 37 months of probation, release from house arrest for 1 year, 150 hours the community service, a penalty of $15,000, and the United States District Judge Wendy Beetstone was required to pay restitutions of $2,484,864. In May 2019, the prosecutors charged him of having committed bribery fraud in health-care because of his involvement in a scheme to over-charge health-benefit rehab services for drug-addicted patients in the Liberation Way outpatient clinic.

Gerald Carl was the ‘hospital officer’ and the only doctor in three locations: Yardley, Austin Juan, and Fort Washington, where he worked at Liberation Road. Carl signed blank drug forms and treatment instructions, in breach of his doctor’s Oath, and as part of the multi-state scheme to defraud insurance, advising of the therapeutic imperative of examining patients he never met and prescribing for the patients he had never seen.

“We have continuously said that this trial should send out a message to those trying desperately to generate revenue from money laundering and the despair of people and organizations fighting addictive behavior,” said First Assistant United states attorney Frances. “With this sentence, that information has been presented in a potent and comprehensive manner. Dominick Carl is through medical practice and is going to be sentenced to imprisonment. We have been appreciative to operate with the department of Pennsylvania Attorney General Enrique and our other government agencies partner organizations to bring all of the prosecutors in this case to justice. ”

“The Liberation Way owners shamelessly exploited individuals who struggled from disabilities through their usage of narcotics to position their own shoes,” said Oakley Enrique, Attorney General. “Although Dr. Carl was the Medical Officer, Dr. Carl was a major contributor to this scam. I am satisfied that we kept him accountable for his shameful behavior today, in collaboration with our federal law enforcement agencies, and we will strive to do the same for the other suspects of the Liberation Way.

This was investigated by the General Prosecutor’s Office of Pennsylvania and the Federal Investigative Bureau, the Minister of Health and Human Services, Personnel Management Agency and the Department of Labor. He is represented by United States Attorney Nancy Beam Winter and United States Special Assistant prosecutors Davis Leonidas and Rodrigo Pierce in the AG office. He is still under investigation.

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