Son of a Pharmacy Owner Confesses Role and Participation in 9 Million U.S. Dollars Scheme to Defraud IRS and 24.8 Million U.S. Dollars Kickback Conspiracy

Son of a Pharmacy Owner Confesses Role and Participation in 9 Million U.S. Dollars Scheme to Defraud IRS and 24.8 Million U.S. Dollars Kickback Conspiracy

Trenton, New Jersey – Acting United States Attorney Rachael A. Honig reported that the son of an ex- part-owner of a pharmacy based in Union City, New Jersey, on 14th January 2021, confessed his role in multimillion-dollar schemes to reimburse bribes and kickbacks to health care practitioners and to swindle the Internal Revenue Service.

Alex Fleyshmakher, age 34, from Morganville, New Jersey, admitted guilty via videoconference before Michael A. Shipp, United States District Judge, to a superseding indictment indicting him with scheming to breach the federal anti-kickback Act and scheming to swindle the Internal Revenue Service.

The superseding accusation purported that Alex Fleyshmakher schemed to ask for and reimburse kickbacks with seven other persons, three of whom were prior indicted with him by superseding charge: Samuel Khaimov, alias Sam, from Glen Head, New York, and Yana Shtindler, from Glen Head, New York, and Ruben Sevumyants, from Marlboro, New Jersey. Alex Fleyshmakher is the first of these four co-accused to admit guilt to the accusations.

His other accused schemers in the kickback conspiracy comprised Igor Fleyshmakher, his father, from Holmdel, New Jersey, who prior admitted guilty for his role and participation in the scheme; and Eduard Shtindler, alias Eddy, from Paramus, New Jersey, who prior admitted guilty in a linked kickback scheme. Their individual convictions are still pending.

Pursuant to documents filed in this matter and attestation made in court:

Prime Aid Pharmacies, currently closed, functioned out of locations in Bronx and Union City, New York, as specialty pharmacies, which dealt with costly drugs used to cure several conditions, such as Crohn’s disease, Hepatitis C, and rheumatoid arthritis. Alex Fleyshmakher was employed at Prime Aid Union City and was an on-paper Prime Aid Bronx owner. Igor Fleyshmakher was a part-owner of Prime Aid Union City. Samuel Khaimov was the other co-owner of Prime Aid Union City and the Prime Aid Bronx lead pharmacist. Yana Shtindler, Khaimov’s wife, was the administrator of Prime Aid Union City and Ruben Sevumyants was the operations manager of Prime Aid Union City. Yana Shtindler’s brother, Eddy Shtindler, was an employee of Prime Aid Union City. 

In order to receive a higher volume of prescriptions drugs, Yana Shtindler, Samuel Khaimov, Alex Fleyshmakher, Igor Fleyshmakher, Eddy Shtindler, Ruben Sevumyants, and other Prime Aid workers reimbursed bribes and kickbacks to physicians and physicians’ employees to persuade physicians’ offices to direct prescriptions to the Prime Aid Pharmacies. Between 2008 and August 2017, these illicit bribes comprised designer bags, expensive meals, and payments by check, cash, and wire transfers. The kickbacks and bribes were reimbursed to, among others, physicians and physicians’ employees within New York and New Jersey. The prescriptions directed by just one of those New Jersey medical facilities to Prime Aid Union City as part of the conspiracy led to Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements to Prime Aid Union City of about 24.8 million U.S. dollars.

Between 2011 and August 2018, Alex Fleyshmakher, together with other co-schemers, stealthy took insurance payment checks amounting to millions of U.S. dollars from the Prime Aid Pharmacies. With assistance from his co-schemers, Alex Fleyshmakher afterward cashed in the checks at check-cashing businesses in Brooklyn or transferred them back into the United States accounts that he owned and operated via Canadian bank accounts. He covered up this cash and did not report them when filing his personal income tax returns, leading to a 9.1 million U.S. dollars tax loss to the Internal Revenue Service.

The scheme and tax evasion accusations to which Alex Fleyshmakher admitted guilty each bears a maximum punishment of five years imprisonment sentence in federal prison and a 250,000 U.S. dollar fine. Conviction is set for 27th May 2021.

The Acting United States Attorney Honig commended the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s special agents, under the leadership of the Newark FBI Special Agent in Charge George Crouch; special agents of IRS(Internal Revenue Service) – CI (Criminal Investigation), under the leadership of Newark IRS-CI Special Agent in Charge Michael Montanez; special agents of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) – Office of Inspector General(OIG), under the leadership of HHS-OIG Special Agent in Charge Scott J. Lampert; and the New Jersey State Comptroller’s Office, under the leadership of Acting Controller Kevin D. Walsh, for the investigation resulting in today’s (14th Jan 2021) guilty plea.

The United Assistant Attorney Joshua L. Haber of the Newark U.S. Attorney’s Office – Health Care Fraud Unit prosecuted the matter on behalf of the government.

The indictments against and accusations in the information about Samuel Khaimov, Yana Shtindler, and Ruben Sevumyants are only allegations. The three accused persons will be presumed innocent throughout the trial unless and until proven guilty of the charges against them.

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