Physician Guilty of Defrauding Workers Compensation Fund

Physician Guilty of Defrauding Workers Compensation Fund

Louisiana – A licensed physician has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after it was discovered the 71-year-old had been making false statements in regards to health care matters. Marvin Clifton, a resident of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is believed to have willingly and knowingly withheld medical material and facts. Added to the sentence includes a $50,000 fine. Clifton worked as a physician practising in physical therapy.

Many of Clifton’s patients received benefits from the Workers Compensation Fund, the federal program that provides members with medical treatment as well as a means of salary replacement benefits and vocational rehabilitation. These benefits are given out to individuals who have been impacted either by an occupational disease or who had experienced a work-related injury.

It is believed that from January 2015 to January of 2019, witnessed Clifton attempt to secure money from the Workers Compensation Fund by purposely falsifying documents and keeping those documents concealed. Charges against Clifton extend to the deliveries of fraudulent medical services in the form of physical therapy to members of the Workers Compensation Fund. The truth was later discovered that Clifton had not engaged with these patients and that these documents were completely fake.

Added to these charges is the claim that Clifton would inform his office managers to bill for treatment during the days the practice was closed. Finally, Clifton is accused of billing for longer sessions than what was actually being provided. After this, Clifton knowingly sent these documents to the U.S. Department of Labor.

The result was Dr. Clifton submitting over $500,000 in fraudulent bills through multiple transactions throughout the scheme. The physician unlawfully defrauded over $340,000 from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Brandon J. Fremin is a United States Attorney who has vowed his office’s continued pressure to investigate and prosecute anybody looking to defraud the health care system. Fremin was adamant in his statements that when the Workers Compensation Fund is defrauded, the result is felt nationwide and is not a victimless crime. Apart from stealing taxpayers’ money, Fremin claimed that fraudsters such as Marvin Clifton are responsible for jeopardizing resources reserved for health care that would normally go towards workers who have experienced injuries or sickness in the workplace.

While compromising both his medical license as well as his integrity, Dr. Clifton made a purposeful effort to enrich himself through false federal proceeds – these were sentiments shared by the FBI’s New Orleans branch when Bryan A. Vorndran addressed the press earlier.

False Workers Compensation claims were made in connection with 9 other United States Postal employees. Vorndran commended the brave men and women who were part of the FBI’s  Baton Rouge division investigating the corruption from the Workers Compensation Fund. Other agencies that are ensuring those responsible are held accountable for their actions, including the Middle District of Louisiana, the Department of Labor as well as the United States Postal Service. Vorndran stresses that the actions taken by Clifton defrauded every American taxpayer and that there would be no tolerance for people that create intricate schemes to steal from a federal health care system.

Christopher Cave is an Inspector General at the U.S. Postal Service, who explained that the sentence handed down was the result of a thorough investigation that, when completed, revealed the level of abuse medical professionals such as Dr. Clifton inflict on the federal benefits programs. These damages are solely for personal gain. Cave promises to unite the USPS with other agencies and continue a vigorous investigation into all similar cases to prevent future scams from taking place.

Similar sentiments came from the Department of Labor’s Dallas region. They confirmed that Clifton had been responsible for the submission of $500,000 worth of false claims. These claims were made to the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP). The OWCP was then left with the bill by Dr. Clifton. Steven Grell shared the view that Clifton let his greed get in the way of his integrity. The OWCP will continue to work with Labor to protect federal health programs.

To keep the economy going, we need to keep people working. This is impossible to achieve if the Workers Compensation Fund is defrauded and the coffers cleaned out.

It is your duty as an American worker to report any fraud and corruption in your community. A dedicated legal team is standing by to make sure injured workers get back to work and that there is money for the medical costs involved.

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