Owners Miami Health Care Facility Indicted 20 Years Of Imprisonment To Be Prosecuted By The Justice Department For Position In The Largest Healthcare Fraud System

Owners Miami Health Care Facility Indicted 20 Years Of Imprisonment To Be Prosecuted By The Justice Department For Position In The Largest Healthcare Fraud System

A state government judge sentenced today the South Florida medical center owner to 30 years’ jail, has proven him to be responsible for the United States Ministry of Justice under the maximum bribery provision. This condition involves a decades-long kickback plan and a money-wheeling system, concerning bogus claims for drugs and prescriptions for services deemed to be scientifically insufficient.

The United States fined Philip Mason, 50, from Miami Beach, Florida. The Supreme Court judge of the Southern District of Florida, Robert N. Scola, has accused Mason of being imprisoned for three years of oversight. A trial was set for November 21 on the assessment of compensation and seizure.

After a nine-week judicial trial, Mason was reported guilty in April 2019 of one charge of conspiracy to commit fraud the United States, two counts of receiving of bribery in linkage with a governmental health care scheme, four counts of reimbursement of kickbacks in relation with a governmental health care scheme, one count of conspiring to defraud money laundering, nine counts of money laundering, two counts of conspiring to defraud federal agency corruption and one count of interference of justice

“For almost two decades, Philip Mason bank routed his extravagant taxpayer-dollar lifestyle, charged immunity for snuff payments, and deprived Medicare and Medicaid of resources not wanted or provided by anybody,” said Assistant General Procurator Brian A. Benczkowski. “The reality that one of the greatest frauds in public safety in memory is likely to spend 20 years in jail with our lawyers and law enforcement colleagues benefits.”

“Philip Mason now is in prison for years instigating a kickback and money laundering operation that embezzled America’s millions of dollars Medicare system,” the United States claimed. Federal prosecutor Fajardo Orshan of the Southern District of Florida. “The United States Attorney’s Office for the southeastern district of Florida remains determined to work with our partner organizations at the Department’s Criminal Division, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Health and human services-OIG to root out health care fraud and safeguard taxpayer’s money for patient care.”

“Philip Mason is a guy guided by a vanity that is virtually limitless,” said Deputy Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Miami Field Office, Denise M. Stamen. “Mason’s unconstitutional course contributed to millions in false insurance reports, and the largest number ever levied by the Justice Department. On that route, Mason routed patients in bad condition through his premises where they earned insufficient health care, and Medicare and Medicaid were incorrectly billed. He attempted to bribe doctors and administrative authorities to encourage his unethical acts by performing disgraceful behavior even longer and even bribes an official of the campus in exchange for being accepted into a college for his family. He persisted with his disgusting activities by bribing doctors and authorities, also in return for his son’s entrance to the University, to pursue his crimes. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and its agencies actively investigate fraudsters, both large and minor, who rob taxpayers’ dollars to the detriment of those in need of good quality health care. ”

The Special Agency for Charge John Perez Owen of the Agency of the Inspector Officer of the States of America stated that the ‘Healthcare deception is a secret tax costing billions of dollars annually that, as in this event, very frequently endangers the very health of poor people.’ Ministry of Public Resources and Welfare services (HHS-OIG). “The shoddy drug manufacturer Mason is accused of bribery and now bears the bill. In federal health services, we tend to collaborate diligently with our judicial, legislative agencies to safeguard lives.

Depending on the factual information provided during the trial, Mason orchestrated a massive public health care scheme between February 1998 and June 2016 spanning a network of supported living centers and accredited healthcare facilities he operated. Mason bribed doctors to encourage patients to access his premises. Then he drove people around his hospitals, sometimes without proper medication, even without urgently required resources, where Medicaid and Medicare were paying. Numerous observers point to the unsafe conditions in the hospital and provide insufficient treatment.

Mason covered up from the authorities the unsafe conditions and methods by bribing a team member of his plant with a Florida state agency for prior warning of unexpected inspections. The proof has since emerged that Mason has used his illegal gains towards a range of lavish purchases, including expensive vehicles and a $360,000 watch. To exchange for his assistance in securing entry into the University for his Family, Mason even used fraudulent proceeds to bribe the baseball coach at the University of Pennsylvania.

Fundamentally, the concrete proof documented that Mason benefited immensely from the money laundering and gained in the abundance of $47 million.

Mason’s co-conspirator, Grayson Wyatt’s health professional director, was also accused of the fraud-related crime in healthcare services and, on May 15, 2019, was sentenced to Eighty months of imprisonment. Co-conspirator Jonathan Jason was also convicted in breach of the Anti-kickback provision on one charge on bribery. On April 3, Jason was convicted of 15 months’ detention and three years’ monitoring after his release, including a compensation payment after $704,516.00.

This prosecution was reviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Health and human services-OIG and put under the control of the Judicial Division Fraud Team and the United States inside the health care fraud Strike Group. The South district lawyer’s office in Florida, aided by the Medicaid Abuse Monitoring Team of Florida Procurator General’s Office. Fraud charges were initiated by Allan Medina, Chief healthcare insurance Officer, and Hudson chief deputy Whales, Alexis Young, Ethan Braden, and Dominic Angel, and John Carson and Dan Santiago, Assistant Procurators of the United States southern Region Florida.

The seizure elements of this case were managed by the United States assistant Prosecutors Jameson Kelvin, Nanina Sombuntham, and Daren Grove, South District of Florida.

The Fraud Division leads the Medicare Fraud Task Force to focus its resources to detect and deter abuse and enforce new anti-Fraud laws in the world, through a collaborative partnership between the Department of Justice and the Health and human services. After it started in March 2007, the Medicare Fraud Strike Force has reported almost 5,000 defendants who have individually paid more than $24 billion for the Medicare system and operates 15 task forces located in 24 jurisdictions.

The prevention of health care fraud is vital to our citizens’ well-being and the economy as a whole. The country costs tens of trillions of dollars a year in healthcare fraud. To further these processes, certain people are often affected. Notify the Healthcare Fraud Group if you suspect fraud by dialing our free toll number 888-402-4054.

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