Oklahoma City Pharmacist Convicted to Thirty-Seven Months in Federal Prison for Participating in Health Care Fraud

Oklahoma City Pharmacist Convicted to Thirty-Seven Months in Federal Prison for Participating in Health Care Fraud

He was directed to Remit More Than I million USD to Medicaid and Medicare

Oklahoma City– On 12th March 2019, U.S. Attorney Timothy J. Downing and Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter announced that Jeffery Scoot Terry, age 38, from Mangum, Oklahoma, was convicted to thirty-seven months in federal prison as a consequence of his participation in a health care fraud scheme.  

Attorney General Mike Hunter said that many of Oklahoma state most endangered inhabitants depend on Medicare and Medicaid programs for health insurance. He added that defrauding them, as Jeff Terry did, was shameful. He further commended U.S. District Judge Scott L. Palk for sending the perpetrator to jail and holding him liable. He also commended U.S. Attorney Timothy J. Downing of the Western District of Oklahoma for his powerful collaboration and his team, who helped bring Terry to book.

U.S. Attorney Timothy J. Downing said that safeguarding the honesty of state and federal healthcare aid programs was of great significance. He added that Oklahomans and the rest of the United States taxpayers depended on Medicare and Medicaid programs to continue a healthy standard of life and that he would not tolerate looting by any person from these programs. He gave thanks for being given a chance to work on the case with General Hunter’s qualified team.

As per the court documents filed in March 2019, Terry was an authorized chemist who started running Bratton Drug at 109 S. Oklahoma in Mangum in August 2015. Both the Oklahoma Healthcare Authority- which gives Medicaid using the name SoonerCare- and Medicare paid Bratton Drug for authorized drugs that it issued. The allegation claimed that from August 2015 to September 2018, Terry presented falsified claims to Medicare Part D and SoonerCare for medication that was not really authorized or delivered to patients. Individually, the United States filed a civil lawsuit against the Anti-Fraud Injunction Statute and got a ruling to ban Terry from expending or isolating assets he stockpiled as a consequence of the falsified claims. Terry was proven guilty on 12th August 2019, before Judge Palk to a single count connected to Medicare and a single count connected to Medicaid.

At the plea hearing on 12th August 2019, Judge Palk convicted Mr. Terry to thirty-seven months in federal prison, together with 3 years of supervised liberation. Judge Palk, in addition, directed Terry to finish one hundred hours of community service. In announcing the conviction, Judge Palk quoted to the essence and gravity of the crime and the necessity to prevent others from taking part in such behavior. Terry was directed to remit an amount of 753,334.13 USD to Medicare and 328,836.18 USD to SoonerCare, for a sum of 1,082,170.31 USD. Judge Palk further directed Terry to surrender a 2016 Dodge Challenger and a real estate in Greer County.

The investigation for this case was conducted by the Department of Health and Human Services- Office of Inspector General, Office of Audit Service, and Oklahoma Attorney General Office’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. The prosecution for this case was conducted by U.S. Attorney Amanda Maxfield Green and Assistant Oklahoma Attorney General Lory Dewey, who also acts as Special Assistant U.S. Attorney. The civil ruling part of the case was taken care of by Assistant United States Attorneys Ron Gallegos and Amanda Johnson of the United States Attorney’s Office’s Civil Division.

A recommendation was made to citizens filing for additional information about the case.

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