Nursing Initiative to Launch Into Action

Nursing Initiative to Launch Into Action

New Orleans – An announcement made by the National Nursing Home Initiative on March 3, 2020 has stated that the Department of Justice will be coordinating and enhancing their criminal and civil efforts to hunt down the substandard nursing homes plaguing the American healthcare system.

About thirty individual nursing facilities spanning nine states have already been targeted and will be the focus of the investigations. The Department of Justice states that they are going to focus on some of the country’s worst nursing homes.

Elder abuse is a tragic crime that happens with at least 10% of older citizens being directly affected by its grasp. Types of elder abuse include financial fraud and psychological abuse.

William P. Barr, a United States Attorney, is adamant that the millions of seniors that rely on nursing homes expect to be treated with dignity and respect during a time when they are at their most vulnerable. Barr is aware that too many nursing homes are guilty of gross neglect and abuse. The national initiative will attempt to bring some form of justice to the elderly who have suffered under mismanagement. Residents often have no choice but to be dictated to by individuals guilty of profiting off of them. Barr has made the decision to ensure these victims get the help they need and are entitled to.

As the population of America gradually ages, there is an increasing amount of nursing homes that are needed to have loved ones taken cared of. United States Attorney Peter G. Strasser agreed that instances that involve psychological, financial, or physical neglect have become all too common. The National Nursing Home Initiative (NNHI) is another tool that ensures elderly welfare is adequately provided when it comes to caring inside nursing homes. For Strasser, the goal would ultimately be to find those nursing homes that prey on the elderly residents of their homes. This includes the families of those residents as well.

The mission for the FBI is to protect the rights of every American citizen, which includes those that are unable to defend themselves. Attention, support, and care are needed from nursing staff responsible for the elderly when it comes to fulfilling the basic needs in their lives. New Orleans’ Special Agent, Bryan A. Vorndran, urges Americans to report any mistreatment or abuse from nursing home personnel. The reason being that anyone seeking to abuse and defraud vulnerable members of the community should be brought to swift justice.

When considering what factors to identify, the department looks for nursing homes that show consistent signs of failure to adhere to basic rules such as protocols regarding infection and hygiene, along with any other nursing staff that is responsible for the care of their residents. Cases involve instances where pain medication was withheld along with food rations. Chemical and physical restraints have reported been used in patent sedation. These residents are often exposed to great indignities and caused to suffer in immense amounts of pain.

There have been reports of dangerous and filthy living conditions that include leaks coming from the roofs as well as mold, which could be found growing alongside rodents that had taken home in some of the residents’ rooms. Included in these accusations are statements that elderly residents had to lie in their own waste while they starved because their food was out of reach and that they were left unwashed, sometimes for weeks. The departments plan to pursue multiple avenues where these nursing homes are to be investigated for these alleged crimes.

There is a larger strategy when it comes to the National Nursing Home Initiative, especially when it comes to the protection of seniors in America. There is a strong commitment that originates from the Elder Justice Initiative, which is a program set up to combat neglect and abuse within the elderly community. This commitment is shared amongst the United States Attorney’s Office, which has vowed to crack down on substandard and borderline inhumane nursing homes guilty of delivering grossly substandard care to beneficiaries of both Medicaid and Medicare.

Support from the efforts of local and state prosecutors, law enforcement, including professionals in the combat of elder justice for financial exploitation and neglect. These agencies plan on developing resources along with the vital information needed to combat this crime.

To find out more about the Elder Justice Initiative, visit the Justice Department’s website at

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