Memphis Medical Sales Agent Agrees to Deceiving FBI

Memphis Medical Sales Agent Agrees to Deceiving FBI

Attempted to Conceal Illegal Payments to Physician’s Wife


LITTLE ROCK—A Florida resident admitted guilty to deceiving federal agents inquiring about his promotion of expensive compounded prescription medications. Steve Hill, aged 57, from Florida’s Port Orange (formerly of Memphis), registered his appeal to issuing falsified statements to the FBI on August 24th, 2021, before Brian S. Miller, United States District Judge.

 A veteran of the medical sales industry located in Memphis, in 2014, Hill started to advertise compounded prescription medications covered by TRICARE. His reimbursement totaled a fixed percentage of sales made. When a healthcare provider who Hill advertised the drugs to went ahead to prescribe them, Hill made a share of whatever the insurer paid for the medications.

Among the healthcare providers, Hill sought was Doctor 1. Unbeknownst to TRICARE, Hill and Doctor 1’s wife, Spouse 1 shared Hill’s commissions on Doctor 1’s prescription. Precisely of the over 500,000 USD in commission he gained from Doctor 1’s prescriptions, and Hill remitted 147,325.25 USD to Spouse 1 and set aside the remaining 345,727.15 USD for himself.

In 2016, federal agents started to inquire about Hill’s promotion of compounded drugs and his financial connection with Spouse 1. In August 2017, an FBI Special Agent toured Hill’s Tennessee residence to talk to him directly. During the interview, Hill refuted having remitted Spouse 1, which he was aware of was deceit.

Under the terms of his guilty appeal, Hill admitted forfeiting 345,727.15 USD in illegal proceeds. He will be convicted at a later date. Issuing a false statement to the FBI is punishable by up to 60 months’ imprisonment.

Acting United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas, Jonathan D. Ross; Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Little Rock Field Office, James A. Dawson, and Special Agent in Charge of the Dallas Regional Office of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Miranda Bennett announced the guilty plea.

The inquiry was made by the HHS-OIG and FBI. The matter is being prosecuted by Alexander D. Morgan, Assistant United States Attorney.

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