Marketing Company Plead Guilty To Conspiring Hospital Reports Developers In Tallahassee

Marketing Company Plead Guilty To Conspiring Hospital Reports Developers In Tallahassee

Tallahassee, Florida – Raymond Ace (40, Valrico) and Maximiliano Ricardo (52, New Port Richey) today pled guilty to the healthcare fraud kickback scheme. Both are both serving federal jail for up to five years, and each has since offered to surrender properties worth $1,717,925.50.

According to the jury alliance, in May 2014, Raymond and Maximiliano, working on behalf of their marketing firm legionary exacerbating, Inc., approached into a sales alliance with the proprietors of a Pinellas County-based community pharmacy called Lifecare.Inc. To recipients of health insurance programs, Centurion hired selling officers to sell compositional products, primarily pain creams and wounds, in particular, the Uniformed Military Community Welfare and Treatment System (CHAMPUS). Typical for one month’s delivery, these creams ranged from $900 to $21 000.

Raymond, Maximiliano, proprietors of the LifeCare Pharmacy (Carlos Mazariegos and Franklin Nundy) and Pinellas doctor (dr. George Jayceon) decided, around June and November 2014, that the sum owed by the federal service Civil Sanity System for a kickback to Jayceon in return will equal to 10 percent of after the expense of each lawsuit. And, in the case of LifeCare-recruited employees, certain insurance care plans, Jayceon would submit LifeCare-filled scripts for combined medication. Mazariegos made monetary payments and presented Jayceon with many important objects, including a modern Mercedes Benz on behalf of the conspirators.

In this scheme, Jayceon drafted recommendations on compound creams, and the plotters allowed charges for these creams to be sent to the Civil Health and Uniformed Services Medical Program (CHAMPUS), culminating in more than $four million for LifeCare in Civilian Health and the Uniformed Services medical program. The income for LifeCare was about $4 million for such creams. A large part of these claims was derived from patients recruited by Centurion from Civilian Health and the Uniformed Services Medical Program (CHAMPUS). According to the agreement of the parties, 40% of the profits were received by LifeCare, 50% by Centurion, and 10 percent of the profits were promised to Jayceon.

Raymond and Maximiliano purchased real estate and luxurious vehicles with the profits of the scheme. The following were recovered and forfeited: A sum of $5,730.50 was confiscated and forfeited; Bentley Continental 2009; Lamborghini 2012; Itasca motorhome 2012, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 2011; Maserati 2014; GT Ford 2005; Fisker Karma 2011; land O Lakes real estate 201; California Ferrari 2010; McLaren 12C Spider 2013; a Porsche Panamera 2012 and plant-city real estate. Carlos Mazariegos and Benjamin Nundy previously accused independently of the co-conspirators of conspiracy to commit fraud in the area of healthcare. Previously Anthony Jayceon pled guilty to intent to bribery and wellness kickbacks. The trial is expected in November and December 2019, for Mazariegos, Nundy, and Jayceon.

A multi-agency probe spanning more than five years contributes to the successful conviction of 10 suspects by the culpable Raymond and Maximiliano. Such inquiry also contributed to the repayment or dismissal of payments over $58 million to the Civil Health and Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS), and the payment by the conspirators of another $6 million for the Civil Health and Uniformed Services Clinical System (CHAMPUS).

The Federal Bureau of Justice, USA, prosecuted this crime. Inspector General’s Department of Health and Human Services, Defense Investigative Service, Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigative Service, and the US; Independent Compliance Service of the Air Force. The attorney’s Mandy Riem, Colin McDonsell, and Susanne Nebesky also charged. He remains under investigation.

To protect the integrity of the healthcare system, preserve patients and the resources of the client, whistleblowing became necessary to combat bribery through laws enacted through Stark and Anti-Kickback legislation in revealing infringement of the form of Kickback and Power Policy. The policy has been frequently perceived as a way of fighting bribery, exploitation, and misuse in healthcare by enforcing anti-kickback and progressive legislation that is responsive across all facets of the healthcare network — from private doctors to government pharmacy boards. Any reported case of related fraud please do not hesitate in contacting the Healthcare Fraud Group, we offer a free evaluation, contact us at 888-402-4054.

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