Indictments from The Federal Jury Sitting Submissions

Indictments from The Federal Jury Sitting Submissions

U.S. Attorney Trent Shores reported the outcomes of the January Federal Grand Jury A. sittings on 17th January 2020.

The indictments submitted by the Federal Grand Jury accused the persons below for violating the United States Law. An indictment submission is a way of notifying a defendant of the accusation of violating the federal law and remains innocent until the court proves him or her guilty of the accusations. The court of Law must prove the accused guilty of the allegations during a trial.

Rodney L. Burton. The offense of Firearm and Ammunition Possession

(Supplanting Allegation). Burton from Broken Arrow, age 44, is indicted with 2 felony counts for possessing twenty-six associated rounds of ammunition and 357 Colt. Revolver. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and Police Department of Tulsa are the agencies investigating this case.

Gustavo Garcia and Luis Eduardo Garcia. Possessing Methamphetamine with Intention to Distribute

Gustavo Garcia from Tahlequah, age 22, and Luis Garcia from Tahlequah, age 32, are indicted with possession of over 500gm(grams) of methamphetamine to distribute. This investigation on this accusation is being conducted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives investigators.

Christopher S. Cole.  Aggravatedly Assaulting a Federal Officer Causing Body Injuries; Mugging Within Territorial Jurisdictions Causing Serious Body Injuries.

Christopher Cole from Pryor is indicted with counts of assaulting a Federal Office resulting in bodily injuries. The criminal activity occurred at Clare Indian Hospital. The Federal Bureau of Investigations is the agency investigating these allegations.

Regina F. Holmes. Carjacking Indictment

Regina Holmes from Miami, age 38, is indicted with allegations of stealing a 2001 F-150 Ford via horrification, violence, and use of force to trigger serious bodily injury and death. The investigative agencies investigating this accusation are the National Police of Wyandotte and Quapaw Marshals.

Cory W. Kilgore.  Conspiracy to Obtain and Distribute Images or Videos Depicting a Minor Engaging in Explicit Sexual Conduct.

Cory Kilgore from Owasso, age 41, is indicated with the conspiracy to distribute and obtain child pornographic contents knowingly via electronic methods. The defendant, in April 2010, was also sentenced for possessing and trying to possess child pornographic materials in the Northern District of Oklahoma. The investigative agencies investigating this accusation are the Police Department of Tulsa and Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations.

Zacchaeus R. Jackson. Mail Theft by a U.S. Postal Service Personnel; Acquiring Mail through False Pretense and Fraud.

Zacchaeus Jackson from Tulsa, age 26, indicted for stealing 2 monetary bank deposits posted in the first-class mail-packages to a bank account belonging to a local business. The first charge cites that Jackson stole a monetary bank deposit fetched from the business by a different U.S. Postal carrier. The theft occurred on 25th November 2019 when Jackson worked at the Chimney Hills Annex Post Office as the Assistant U.S Postal Service City Carrier. The accused stepped down from the job on 6th December  2019. Jackson is indicted with two counts of obtaining mails through fraud and pretense. In the second charge, Jackson wore his old postal service uniform to impersonate a city carrier assistant to hoax the staff at the business and take the bank deposit package. The investigative agencies investigating this accusation are the Police Department of Tulsa and the U.S. Postal Service Office of the Inspector General.

Darren P. Reames. Negligence to Enlist as a Sex Offender

Darren Reames from Tulsa, age 45, is indicted with negligence to enlist as a sex offender. The investigative agencies investigating this accusation are the Police Department of Tulsa and the United States Marshals Service.

Anthony J. Michalski.  Falsifying Explosives Information at Airport.

Anthony Michalski from Tulsa, age 64, is indicted for indicating misleading and untrue information about bombs. Michael is accused of contacting the Police Department of Tulsa, via a phone call, saying that a nuclear bomb suitcase will be left at the International Airport of Tulsa within the next 3 hours inside a vehicle. After investigating the claims, law enforcers did not find any credibility in the threat. The investigative agencies investigating this accusation are the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Transportation Security Administration, The Airport Police Department of Tulsa, and Police Department of Tulsa.

Kai L. Walela. Possessing Ammunition and a Firearm Upon a Misdemeanor Crime Conviction of Domestic Violence; Falsifying Statements to A Dealer of Firearms.

Kai Walela from Tulsa, age 34, is indicted with possession of 72 associated ammunition rounds and a 5.56mm Rock River Arms Caliber Rifle upon a 2018 Misdemeanor Crime Conviction of Domestic Violence (battery and domestic assault) in County District Court of Tulsa. Besides, Walela was indicted for knowingly formulating untrue statements to Advanced Combat (a licensed firearm dealer) and falsifying on the Form ATF 4473. Walela intentionally failed to state that his prior misdemeanor conviction on domestic violence. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and Police Department of Tulsa are the agencies investigating this case.

Elisa K. Sanders. 2 Mail Fraud Counts; 13 Wire Fraud Counts.

Sanders from Tulsa, age 60, a majority shareholder of Enhance Skin and Body Medical Spa, which was in 2017 rebranded to L’Chaim. Sanders took part in and supervised the holding, purchase, administration, and receipt of treatments and drug articles applied for the clients’ treatment. This included drug prescriptions and devices like Juvéderm and Botox. Sanders was in one accusation indicted with mail-related fraud. The accusation cites that Sanders bought and delivered to Tulsa a Botox from an unlicensed source situated in Mumbai, India. She claimed that she was purchasing the drug for personal use. The accusation notes that sanders used the purchased Botox on Spa customers. The second charge indicts Sanders with mail-related fraud for conspiring in delivering a doctored medical record to a client’s physician. The doctored records were falsified to prove that Ultra Plus XC Juvéderm was applied to the said when only Ultra 4 Juvéderm was applied. The Food and Drug Administration does not endorse the use of Juvéderm 4 and 3 in the United States. Counts 3 to 10 of the accusations indict Sanders with Wire Fraud for making five transactions to Global Health while purchasing Botox from unlicensed sources. Sanders is said to have instructed a person to buy Botox from unlicensed sources in 2016 after a warning from the Food and Drug Administration and ordered the drug to be delivered to the person’s business. Sanders later refunded cash to the said person and picked up the purchased drug. The investigative agency investigating this accusation is the Food and Drug Administration, Office of Criminal Investigations.

Persons who commit the above-stated charges may face severe penalties. This is because the charges are serious criminal offenses that are severely punished under the law. In case you are accused of any of these accusations, you must look for legal assistance to pursue and protect your rights. The Healthcare Fraud Group comprises the best criminal defense attorneys with extensive experience and provides the best possible service to achieve the result. Our team clearly understands the need to prove innocence after accusation of any offense. Contact us today at 888-402-4054 for any legal assistance you may need.

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