Head of a Massive Health Care Fraud in Durable Medical Equipment Charged in Georgia

Head of a Massive Health Care Fraud in Durable Medical Equipment Charged in Georgia

The 22nd man sentenced in the Southern District of Georgia included in the investigation that revealed over 410 million dollars in the excessive invoice to Medicare health program is involved in the major fraud scheme recorded in the Southern District of Georgia. The accused man is Scott M. Hirsch, an operator of a durable medical equipment company in California. He was sentenced for purportedly conniving in a grand health care fraud plot.

The defendant operates JI Medical, Inc., a company that produces durable medical equipment based in California. Allegedly, he conspired to pay bribes for getting orders for durable medical devices that his company would charge against the Medicare health benefits program. Hirsch used his company JI Medical, Inc., in executing the scheme by slipping bribery to the physicians. These doctors would deliberately put their signature to falsified medical records labeled as “consultation” of patients in Medicare. The beneficiaries unknowingly used in the scheme lived in various parts of the Southern District of Georgia and even nearby locations. Scott M. Hirsch was incriminated because of the information reported in the United States District Court.

The United States Attorney Bobby L. Christine gave her opinion regarding the discovered scheme. He recognized the essence of telemedicine as a vital instrument for authentic and certified health service providers. But pay-for-prescriptions is not and will never be accepted as part of our healthcare system. Though the global pandemic has pushed many offices, including law enforcement agencies and prosecutors, they will not make it as an excuse not to punish the individuals who smear the integrity of the federal healthcare programs. The lawyer is determined to hold the perpetrators accountable for his actions.

If we dig deeper into the Southern District of Georgia’s historical record, it can be analyzed that Hirsch’s scheme is the largest ever put into the accounts. Earlier charges in this series of fraud cases involve two distributors of patient information; two nurse specialists, two operators of telemedicine businesses; and eight doctors. There are health benefits holders who lived in the area of Southern District of Georgia, specifically in Brunswick, Augusta, Statesboro, Dublin, Waycross Divisions and Savannah, and other parts of the United States. The suspects carry out their scheme against Medicaid and Medicare using these benefits holders’ data.

The fraud scheme that generated 410 million dollars is only a fraction of a multi-billion dollar fraud range. Department of Justice successfully stopped the large-scale kickback scheme in the Southern District of Georgia. The plan involved products developed by pharmacies and durable medical equipment companies such as orthotic braces, genetic testing, pain creams, and more devices for treating medical conditions.

In Atlanta, Chris Hacker, Special Agent in Charge of Federal Bureau of Investigation, expresses his thoughts about the case. He is disappointed with the increasing number of individuals in the equipment providers and medical providers entities that participate in the heartless act of health care programs deception. Hacker vowed to uproot fraudulent activities continually. He is also determined to safeguard the public’s funds, which is supposed to finance medical benefits programs for the citizens.

For the Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI Birmingham Special Agent in Charge Johnnie Sharp Jr., the investigation is a concrete illustration of teamwork among various agencies. The law enforcement team is created to track the law violators and serve justice to the victims of health care system fraud. He guarantees the public that the FBI and investigation partners are relentless in discovering such schemes until the offenders are penalized.

Derrick L. Jackson, Special Agent in Charge at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General in Atlanta, believes that now more than ever is a crucial time to protect the funds allocated in the United States health care system. He said that the HHS/OIG and other judicial agencies would thoroughly go after the individuals who prioritize selfish monetary gain over the well-being of the beneficiaries.

Resident Agent in Charge Glen M. Kessler of the U.S. Secret Service states that wide-scale fraudulent acts can only be mitigated through a unique approach. To stop massive corruption, the federal government must employ the resources, strengths, and superb skills of the federal law agencies. Kickback schemes among medical professionals and medical equipment businesses will not be tolerated. Health care funds are not designed to be a source of self-enrichment of crooked health care workers.

Inspector in Charge Joseph W. Cronin of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service’s Boston Division reports that the US PIS fiercely acts on the fraud scheme by probing the United States Mail to conduct massive fake billings. Furthermore, he vows to collaborate closely with federal law enforcement agencies to arrest the offenders. He is willing to cooperate to end the fraudulent acts and stop the exploitation of U.S. Mail in the scheme.

Antonio J. Gomez, the Inspector in Charge of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Miami Division, is against the grave misuse of U.S. Mail by Scott Hirsch to devise a complicated kickback scheme. The expert Postal Inspectors teamed up with various agencies for the speedy identification of the workaround to address this. He also worked assertively with the United States Attorney’s Office to stop JI Medical, Inc. Inspector Gomez continues to uphold the mandate of the Postal Inspection Service to keep citizens’ information confidential. He is not deterred from blocking the unlawful use of the United States Mail.

This report is a partial investigation against the criminal charges of Scott M. Hirsch and his durable medical equipment company. The indictments do not convict the defendant unless he is proven guilty of the crime.

Hirsch’s prosecution is the outcome of an investigation participated by multiple agencies, including the FBI – Birmingham, FBI – Savannah, the United States Secret Service, United States Postal Inspection Service, and the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General. The investigation team is under the directives of U.S. Attorney Christine. Assistant U.S. Attorneys Jonathan A. Porter and J. Thomas Clarkson handled the case.

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