Federal Agent Faces Up To 40 Years Jail Term For An Alleged Crime Bothering On Conspiracy To Distribute Drugs, Obstruction Of Justice, And False Claim.

Federal Agent Faces Up To 40 Years Jail Term For An Alleged Crime Bothering On Conspiracy To Distribute Drugs, Obstruction Of Justice, And False Claim.

Prosecutors in South Florida have dragged one Mrs. Hialeah who reside at 45 Alberico Ahias Crespo, and one Mr. Jorge Dias Gutierrez aged 65 to court, bothering on a three-count charge of taking part in the planning of distribution of Oxycodone, obstruction of justice, and the last charge bothers on making a false claim to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). One of the accused persons, in the person of Mr. Crespo, is a special agent with the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the Inspector General. He also worked as part of the South Florida Healthcare Fraud Strike Force. South Florida prosecutors are alleging that Mr. Crespo used his position as an officer of the law to support the crime of drug distribution, an also obstruct cases that were related to federal health care fraud investigations and investigation in which Mr. Crespo himself was part of.

This announcement was made by the U.S Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Ariana Fajardo Orshan, Special Agent in Charge, FBI Miami Field Office, George L. Piro, and Special Agent in Charge, HHS-OIG, Special Investigations Branch, Derrick L Franklin.

Diaz took part in the illegal distribution of Oxycodene distribution involving patients, pharmacies, and medical clinics. Diaz employed patients and sent them to private medical clinics to collect Oxycodone that was not needed by the patients. Diaz did that to be able to collect the Oxycodene from the patients when they are given. He gives patients money in exchange for the Oxycodone. All these revelations were made were gotten from the complaint affidavit charging criminal conduct between September 2019 to June 2020.

The affidavit showed that Diaz and Crespo were very close partners. Crespo used all the privileges that were attached to his position to protect Diaz. Crespo monitored strike force investigations that fingered Diaz, accesses, and sent classified information to Diaz. He updated Diaz with investigative information’s and also tutored him on how to lie and destroy evidence.

Lawyers have been trying to look at the likely sentence Crespo will get. The first two charges that bother on narcotics and obstruction of justice carry a maximum of 20 years in jail. The last charge that bothers on false claims carries a jail term of up to 6 years. As of now, every charge is mere allegations. It is only a court of competent jurisdiction that can pronounce anyone guilty.

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