Fake Nurse Convicted For Identity Theft, Health Care Fraud, And Wire Fraud

Fake Nurse Convicted For Identity Theft, Health Care Fraud, And Wire Fraud

Greenville, Tennessee– On 23rd September 2020, Misty Dawn Bacon, age 44, from Morristown, was convicted in Tennessee’s Eastern District United States District at Greenville by Honorable Clifton L. Coker.

In December 2019, Bacon admitted guilt to health care fraud, wire fraud, and utilizing another person’s name to perpetrate federal and state crimes, such as performing a practice without a license. Bacon was convicted to fifty-one months in federal prison, followed by 3 years of supervised liberation.

Bacon, a convicted defendant, was employed in East Tennessee as an approved nurse practitioner before September 2012, even though she did not have a nursing degree, had no legal nursing skills, and did not possess a license from the Tennessee Department of Health. To carry out her scheme, Bacon acquired the license number of actual nurse practitioners with identical first names. Bacon then made false aliases and utilized actual nurses’ license numbers to act a real nurse and apply as a nurse. In the process of presenting applications, Bacon falsely alleged that she possessed a nursing degree from Carson Newman University and Walters State College. During her plot, Bacon was employed by not less than eight health care providers from September 2012 to November 2018. At the course of the six-year duration, she was employed in several nursing environments, such as a physician’s office, nursing homes, home health care agencies, and rehabilitation and assisted living centers.

Her imposter position granted her access to actual patients, and Bacon provided real medical care to a number of patients, such as acquiring intrusive access to patient’s bodies, distributing drugs, and becoming aware of patients’ private, sensitive medical data. Because of lack of skills, Bacon resulted in grave risk of injury, and even death, to the clients she was curing. The risk presented itself by Bacon conducting operations she was unqualified to conduct, not conducting necessary procedures she was aware she was not certified to perform and neglecting to chart and record patient care in a proper fashion. As per the written admission of guilt, not less than one patient needed re-admittance and 3-day hospital admission as a result of Bacon’s incompetent care.

The criminal information was as a result of an investigation conducted by the Jefferson City Department of Police, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and the Tennessee Department of Health.

The United States was represented by the United States Assistant Attorney Mac D. Heavener in the case.

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