Dr Braylovsky Based on Wallingford was Arrested and Charged for Selling Prescribed Opioid for Cash, Health Care Fraud

Dr Braylovsky Based on Wallingford was Arrested and Charged for Selling Prescribed Opioid for Cash, Health Care Fraud

Special Agent Brian D. Boyle in Charge of the New England Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S Attorney John H. Durham for the District of Connecticut, William J. Warrington Police Chief, Special Agent Phillip Coyne in Charge of U.S. Health and Human Services Department, Office of Inspector General,  and Special Agent David Sundberg in Charge of New Haven FBI Division gave a public notice on 8th June 2020 that a Wallingford based doctor has been indicted with federally managed substances and health care crimes concerning supplying medical prescriptions illegally.

Dr. Anatoly Braylovsky from Wallingford, age 49, was arrested on 4th June 2020 based on a criminal case. Also arrested was Jennifer Bousquet from Wallingford, age 36, for the allegations that she was involved in an alleged health care fraud scheme. The defendants were presented before Robert M. Spector, United States Magistrate Judge, through videoconference. They ordered the detainment of Dr. Braylovsky and freed Bousquet on a 150,000 U.S dollars bond.

Dr. Braylovsky was the medicine physician operating the internal operations of the Family Practice of Greater New Haven, LLC, situated on Wallingford, Main North Street, as noted in the court’s affidavit. The doctors practice only allowed those patients covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial insurance plans. The Police Department of Wallingford and DEA were receiving complaints about the doctor’s medical prescriptions practices nearly since 2014. A joint investigation team from Connecticut Consumer Protections Drug Division Department and Diversion Control Division DEA, earlier 2016, informed Dr. Braylovsky of their concern about his medical prescription practices and notified him about some of his patients having a criminal past. The investigation uncovered that Dr. Braylovsky proceeded to prescribe a high amount of opioid-based pills, besides Adderall and Alprazolam, to a few patients. This was uncovered through subsequent inquiries obtained from the Connecticut Prescription Monitoring Programs. The team was also given information that a few of Dr. Braylovsky’s patients, as well as Bousquet, received unnecessary medical prescriptions for the particular drugs and later sold the pills for profits. The information cited that Dr. Braylovsky sold the medical prescriptions for huge amounts of money and that a few patients who had their prescriptions filled gave to Dr. Braylovsky the pills.

As alleged, in around October 2019, the U.S. Health and Human Services Department Office of Inspector General became part of the investigations when it was uncovered that Bousquet in the company of other clients of Dr. Braylovsky was paying for the unnecessary medical prescriptions with their Medicare or Medicaid insurance. It was uncovered that Bousquet was receiving prescriptions for 75 20gm Adderall pills, 170 30gm oxycodone pills, and 30 2mg Alprazolam pills in a month from Dr. Braylovsky for a period not less than years.

Additionally, it is cited that the law enforcement agencies properly used a private source, during the investigations, who was both Bousquet’s associate and Dr. Braylovsky’s patient, to purchase oxycodone prescriptions from Dr. Braylovsky. The private source paid a visit to Dr. Braylovsky’s office, on four instances, handed over 1,600 U.S dollars in cash, and collected a 150 30gm oxycodone pills’ prescription.  Although Dr. Braylovsky never conducted any physical evaluations and did not talk about the health of the private source’s health, he billed the source’s Medicaid insurance for every visit to his office. Besides, the confidential source gave 1,600 U.S dollars to Dr. Braylovsky in cash during an office visit paid on 18th March 2020 for a medical prescription and took 1,600 U.S dollars to Braylovsky’s Car on 30th April 2020 after a telehealth appointment. The appointment was carried out through Facetime because of the Covid-19 pandemic. DEA agents confiscated the oxycodone pills into evidence immediately after every prescription was filled. Medicaid was billed for each prescription filled.

It is alleged that Medicare and Medicaid, between January 2016 to May 2020, paid over 1.6 million U.S dollars schedule II medications, counting oxycodone, all directed by Dr. Braylovsky. Medicaid and Medicare further paid over 590,000 U.S dollars to Braylovsky for a routine office visit during that period.

Bousquet and Braylovsky are each indicted on counts of possessing with intentions of distributing federally managed substances and conspiring to possess with intentions to supply federally managed substances. Besides, Dr. Braylovsky is indicted with health care fraud and falsifying statements containing health care matters.

Durham, U.S. attorney emphasized that an indictment is just an accusation and one is presumed innocent until proven guilty in the court of law, indictments are only accusations.

The New Haven DEA Task Force, FBI, Police Department of Easton, State Police of Connecticut, Police Department of Wallingford, U.S. Health and Human Services Department Office of Inspector General, Connecticut Public Health Department, and Connecticut Consumer Protection Department- Drug Control Division are carrying out the ongoing investigation on this case. U.S. Assistant Attorney John T. Pierpont, Jr., is the prosecutor for this case.

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