‎Dentist Convicted For Fraud In Health Care

‎Dentist Convicted For Fraud In Health Care

SEATTLE – The federal claim for health care fraud emanating of an agreement which, with other parties, has caused the Medicaid system in the District of Columbia ‘s frustration, amounting more than $5 million is made by Bilal Ahmed, 47, of Potomac, Maryland. The United States today made the declaration. Attorney Clayton K. Griffin, Special Agent in charge of Ward Johnson, Criminal Investigation Federal Bureau of Investigation ‎Seattle Office, and Special Agent in charge of the United States Christie R. Jorge. Office of Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services, for the ‎Seattle, D.C. Area and Thomas W. Giroud, General Inspector of The County, made the announcement

Remington was charged with two counts of drug deception fraud, one count of insurance fraud, and five charges of wire theft, along with his former office manager in January 2019. Throughout the United Kingdom, Remington pleaded guilty. District Court for Columbia County Count 2 of the prosecution must drop the pending allegations. The crime shall be liable to a cumulative criminal jail term of 10 years and potential financial fines. Remington is responsible for 57 to 71 months in jail and a penalty of up to $300,000 under statutory sentencing regulations.

To order for Remington to make a refund of $5,421,227 and an arrears penalty of $3,978,879.93, Remington was obliged to do so. 1 While the federal government has accepted to participate in Remington ‘s request for a sentence that runs consecutively with the 17 -year sentence that he presently is marketing for sexually harassing clients, that request is not conditional on the court. The sentence for January 17th, 2020, was set by the Honorable Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly.

Remington was a lawyer who was the proprietors and owners of Universal Smiles (D.C.) in the Northwest, Seattle D.C, according to the declaration of crime presented to the Tribunal. Once D.C. was removed from the Remington dental license. Remington founded and managed Dental Equipment and Services (“DES”) and was eventually disbanded by the Dentistry Commission. Dental Equipment and Services was a Maryland corporation that contractually hired dentists at Universal Smiles’ former business premises in Columbia County. Remington and his office manager are pursued by Universal Smiles and Dentist Equipment and Service a scheme to benefit themselves by defaming D.C. Medicaid, a federal and District of Columbia sponsored insurance care system to offer health services to those who meet income-qualifying criteria. Medical benefits plans.

Through the assistance of the office manager Remington registered to be a contractor for Medicaid under the program. When the legislation was approved, Remington and the office manager attempted, hiring Medicaid beneficiaries as customers, to improve their competitiveness in the dental business. Remington also fined D.C and the office manager.

The thousands of provisional crowns not given to the beneficiaries of the Medicaid and the theft profits are paid by Medicaid. Around August 9th, 2012, and February 26th, 2014, D.C. As of November 17th, 2014, Medicaid charged approximately $12.4 million to Unconditional Smiles; and from February 1st, 2016, Dentist Equipment and Service received approximately $1.2 million. For D.C., over 13 million dollars. Medicaid charged around $5.4 million for temporary crowns to Universal Smiles and Dentist Equipment and Service. For D.C’s $5.4 million. Remington received around $4 million in the illegal plan, and the Office Director received about $1.4 million. Medicare was paying for conditional crowns.

As the complaint was released, the USA Lawyer Griffin, a federal agent in Charge Johnson and executive agent in Charge Jorge applauded the tasks of all those who investigated the matter from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s ‎Seattle Field Office, the United States Inspector General of the Department of Health and Community Services and Inspector General Division of the District of Columbia

Whistleblowing was crucial for maintaining the dignity of the program, defending patients, and the money of citizens against fraud by the laws passed by Stark law and Anti-Kickback regulations in revealing abuses of the nature of Kickback and Power Legislation. The strategy has often regarded the introduction of Anti-Kickback and Revolutionary Laws as being a tool to combat fraud, coercion, and abuse of healthcare and is liable for several diverse facets of the health network – from individual physicians to international pharmaceutical corporations’ boards.

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