Protecting Your Rights Against False Reviews

Protecting Your Rights Against False Reviews

Protecting Your Rights Against False Reviews

Being falsely accused of malpractice, or given a false peer-review, can have a devastating impact on a medical professional’s career. Unfortunately, numerous physicians, nurses, and doctors are subjected to this type of behavior each year. Not only can a false peer-review result in a doctor’s termination, but it can drastically impact their ability to find another job in the future. 

Unfortunately, there are several cases where medical professionals are wrongfully subjected to sanctions from the medical board certification organization as a result of false reports to the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB). When medical professionals are falsely reviewed, it is crucial that they take various steps to protect their legal rights and get the justice they deserve. Working with a fraud defense attorney will ensure your legal rights are protected while dealing with these unfortunate situations.

Defense for a Malpractice Allegation 

The unfortunate truth is that false peer-reviews are extremely pervasive. Inappropriate authorship, false accusations, and other detrimental behaviors toward medical professionals can cause overwhelming mental, emotional, and financial consequences for providers, hospitals, and clinics.

 Medical professionals who are falsely accused of malpractice or other actions should begin building an effective defense as soon as possible. The cornerstone of adequate defense for physicians under medical peer review is to challenge a medical facility’s conformance to requirements established under the Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986. To begin, the accused should compile critical information, such as:

  • Their C.V.
  • Documents related to other peer reviews or disciplinary matters.
  • Communications with hospital administration or other staff members.
  • A timeline of events leading to the incident.
  • Any list of prior criminal convictions, investigations, or sanctions.
  • A list of any professional liability claims.

In addition to challenging requirements of the HCQIA it can be equally helpful to challenge the hospital’s conformance to the institution’s bylaws. By gathering adequate information in your defense, you have the best chances of succeeding. Working with a skilled defense attorney for false claims can further increase your chances of beating a false accusation.

The Healthcare Fraud Group can Help You

If a false peer review was filed against you, it is imperative that you act quickly to protect your legal rights. Working with a skilled and competent defense attorney will ensure you have the best chances of overcoming these false allegations, reinstating your license, and continuing your medical career. Our team at Healthcare Fraud Group has decades of experience fighting to protect the legal rights of medical professionals across the United States. We strive to ensure individuals and organizations subjected to false claims of malpractice or other illegal or inappropriate actions get the justice they deserve. 

If you were subjected to a false peer review, or you are dealing with a potentially adverse hospital credentialing matter or a challenge to your hospital staff privileges, contact our law firm today at 888-402-4054 to see how our experienced and reputable defense attorneys can help you.