Chief Executive Officer Of A Virginia Firm Concedes Guilt In $2.8 Million Medicaid Fraud

Chief Executive Officer Of A Virginia Firm Concedes Guilt In $2.8 Million Medicaid Fraud

Katrina Lynch has confessed to swindling up to $2.8 million of the Virginia Medicaid Program fund. Katrina Lynch’s confession was made known in a statement released and jointly signed by the U.S Attorney for Eastern District of Virginia G. Zachary Terwilliger, Attorney General of Virginia Mark R. Herring and Special Agent in Charge of FBI’s Richmond Field Office David W Archey.

Katrina Lynch confessed to a one-count of committing health care fraud today before a U.S District judge David J. Novak accepted the confession in court today.

Katrina Lynch is the chief executive officer of Tender Heart LLC, which is situated in Midlothian. Her company Tender Heart was enlisted as a third party distributor with the Virginia Medicaid Program. Her role was to ensure that all individuals that are entitled to receive Medicaid treatments get adequate and reliable treatments. Katrina Lynch, as a third-party distributor for Medicaid, used her role to commit fraudulent activities. In a bid to swindle Medicaid funds, she frequently submits an invoice to Medicaid for services she alleges to have given dead Medicaid beneficiaries. In another claim, she allegedly submitted an invoice for Medicaid beneficiaries that were sick, Medicaid beneficiaries that were taken to another third party distributor like hers and Medicaid beneficiaries that did not go to any employee for a very long time.

As of now, Katrina Lynch risks spending the next 20 years of her life in jail starting from the 1st of December when she is supposed imprisoned by a Judge. The little hope that Katrina has is that her crime is a federal related crime, and federal crimes usually incur less jail term compared to the highest jail term.

The case is being prosecuted by Katherine Lee Martin, who is the U.S Assistant Attorney.

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