Chief Executive Of A Long-Lasting Medical Instruments Firm Confesses To Taking Part In $20 Million Health Care Fraud

Chief Executive Of A Long-Lasting Medical Instruments Firm Confesses To Taking Part In $20 Million Health Care Fraud

Jonathan Micheal Rouffe has confessed to plotting to perpetuate health care fraud. This was made known in a statement by the United States Attorney, Maria Chapa Lopez.

Roufe had in 2018 set up a firm with the aim of distributing long-lasting medical equipment. While he was setting the firm, he deceived Medicare to obtain the right to be able to present medical invoices. He lied to Medicare so that his firm can be enlisted as one of the distributors of Medicare. He formulated a plan which involves hiding the real identities of the owners of the firm. Hiding their identities allowed him and his allies to present fraudulent long-lasting medical instrument claims. While they were presenting their fraudulent claims, they formulated their plan in a way that they were able to steer clear of an investigation by law enforcement agencies.

Rouffe, together with his allies, bought a lot of long-lasting fraudulent claims from marketing companies. The marketing under hid under the appearance of carrying out telemedicine services, when in actual sense, nothing was happening. Rouffe and his allies paid an outrageous amount of bribe to the marketing companies. The bribes the marketing companies collected from Rouffe and his allies were used to buy a lot of long-lasting medical instruments claim. Rouffe and his allies also induced medical practitioners to sign documents that will make it look like it was the doctors that demanded these long-lasting medical instruments.

To set the record straight, Rouffe and his allies presented up to $20 million in fraudulent long-lasting instruments claims, an action that generated up to $10 million from Medicare and the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

As of now, a date has not been fixed for sentencing, but the law books show that Roufee might spend his next ten years behind bars.

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