Birmingham Physician and Accomplices Convicted for 7.8 Million USD Health Care Fraud Conspiracy, Illegal Drug Supply, and Laundering Money

Birmingham Physician and Accomplices Convicted for 7.8 Million USD Health Care Fraud Conspiracy, Illegal Drug Supply, and Laundering Money

Birmingham, Alaska– On 18th August 2020, FBI Johnnie Sharp, Jr., Special Agent in Charge, Special Agent in  Charge  Clay Morris  Drug Enforcement Administration Assistant, U.S. Attorney Prim F. Escalona announced that the  United States District Court Judge R. David Proctor convicted a Birmingham based medical physician to a prison term of 30 years for his collaboration with Care Complete Medical Clinic, based in Birmingham, he also convicted two of Emeka’s accomplices on the 20th August 2020.

Patrick Emeka Ifediba, age 61, from Shelby County, was sentenced in 2019 July on 35 counts entailing health care fraud conspiracy, money laundering, and illegal drug supply. In addition to Emeka’s prison conviction, Judge Proctor commanded confiscation of his returns on real estate and the fulfillment of several annuities and monetary accounts, cumulatively worth nearly 2.5 million USD. Besides, the court confiscated financial judgments against Emeka in the total of 2,281,665.73 USD (constituting the returns of health care fraud crimes) and 1,132,817.50 (constituting the returns from controlled substance crimes). Confiscation hearing involving the real estate contents and financial-account are still underway in order to consider the privileges of any third-party demands of the property confiscated.

Ngozi Justina Ozuligbo, age 50, was sentenced in 2019 July on 12 charges of money laundering and health care fraud conspiracy from Trussville. The jury established that she had, among other things, conspired with Emeka to both falsely charge Medicare and other health-coverers companies for allergy connected examinations and remedy and launder the returns of his illegal activities. Justina was convicted to thirty-six months in prison and commanded to reimburse 392,845.94 USD in remuneration.

Clement Essien Ebio, age 50, from Hoover, admitted guilt in 2018 August to conspiring with Emeka and Justina to perpetuate health care fraud. Essien was convicted to thirty months in prison, commanded to reimburse 392,845.94 USD  in remuneration, and confiscation of monetary judgment was issued against him in a similar amount.

Escalona said that doctors who opt to distribute drugs while beating around their white coats are similar to drug traffickers who hide in alleys. He added that the gluttonous Dr. Emeka played part in the ongoing narcotics crisis that was afflicting their communities. And as a consequence of this crisis, Dr. Emeka utilized their financial systems to hide the offenses’ returns and launder them into monetary accounts and real estate. Further, he added that extra law-enforcement resources are being used to combat health care fraud every day. Those resources will lead to an extra medical physician, nurses, and entrepreneurs responsible for their actions in the health section.

Sharp said that Emeka knowingly powered the local narcotic crisis by over authorizing compulsive drugs to patients for his individual selfish gains. He further reiterated that the message should be clear so that any medical physician or healthcare expert who prioritizes gains or harms causes suffering to their patients under the pretense of offering health care would be subjected to complete investigative tools of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and their law enforcement liaisons.

As proven by a court, Morris said that Emeka was concerned more about gluttony, filling his bank accounts with millions of dollars, and increasing the narcotic addiction than he was concerned with his Hippocratic oath. He added that time and again, Emeka gave out prescriptions for very addictive narcotics with no value to the life or welfare of those suffering from addiction. Emeka did not consider his patients or communities but his own selfish gains. Further, he said that the conviction was a potent reminder that even drug traffickers who wear white were not above the law.

As per the evidence presented at court, Emeka was a physician of internal medicine who possessed and ran CCMC (Care Complete Medical Clinic). He and his accomplices, plus his wife, ran Care Complete Medical Clinic as a pill manufacturer, and unlawfully, repeatedly authorized narcotics there, often in blend with other controlled drugs to create a powerful and deadly drug blend. In addition to running the pill manufacturer, Emeka, in association with Essien and Justina, lied and robbed millions of dollars from Personal health insurers and Medicare in relation to an allergy fraud scheme conspiracy that charge insurance companies for medically unrequired allergen immunotherapy and allergy examination. With help from Justina and other accomplices, Emeka laundered the funds he collected from these offenses using more than 50 bank accounts and dummy corporations to disguise the funds and to buy real property and money investment accounts that he managed.

The DEA and the FBI conducted the investigations for this case as a section of an Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force strategy. The Drug Enforcement Agency was helped by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department, the Prattville Police Department, and the Fairfield Police Department, the Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency. The prosecution for this case was conducted by United States Attorneys Austin Shutt and Mohammed Khatib with assistance from former Assistant United States Attorney Jim Weil.       

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