Arizona healthcare company with 30 healthcare centers admits guilty to high stake frauds.

Arizona healthcare company with 30 healthcare centers admits guilty to high stake frauds.

A new healthcare fraud resulted in more than twelve million dollars in restitution to be paid by the culprit. UCXtra Umbrella, LLC, did the crime. The company was charged for healthcare fraud and profiting off illegal activities.

The company with the parent name Urgent Care Extra managed thirty centers for urgent care. These centers were around the Phoenix and Tucson areas of Arizona. Starting in 2012, these centers catered to more than a million patients, up until 2016.

Through the company’s own admission, it was known that the company tampered with its system such that its workers magnified the seriousness of its patient’s conditions. Such magnification led to higher amounts of claims to the healthcare benefits companies. Also, it ordered its workers to perform tests and other services, even in cases where they were not essential. The total approximate figure claimed to the health insurance companies amounted to more than twelve and a half million dollars.

Michael Bailey commented on how such frauds cause burdens on the healthcare system and deprive the needy and vulnerable of essential healthcare. He was a United States Attorney. He expressed appreciation and warning about how such investigations and charges bring the criminals involved in such frauds to their knees.

The case was inspected and analyzed by the FBI and the IRS. Peter Saxton and Bridget Minder were the prosecution team. They were both Assistant United States Attorneys.

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