An Ex- Executive of NextHealth and Forest Park Medical Centre Convicted to 76 months

An Ex- Executive of NextHealth and Forest Park Medical Centre Convicted to 76 months

United States Attorney Erin Nealy Cox for the Texas Northern District made an announcement saying that a healthcare administrator had been sentenced to a period exceeding 6 years in a federal jail after he was charged with huge health care fraud schemes.

Seymon Narasov, age 55, an ex-administrator of the NextHealth and Forest Park Medical Centre was arraigned in court and sentenced by Jack Zouhary United States District Judge for seventy-six months on Friday.

He was found culpable of conspiring to commit financial fraud in 2018 which included cleaning of funds in the case of Nexthealth and also plotted to issue and accept healthcare payoffs and inducements in the case of Forest Park.

Nealy Cox, United States Attorney said that she was perplexed that the defendant dared to be the center of attention in more than one healthcare fraud scam. She further added that she would not allow medical experts to corrupt an industry that is dedicated and committed to helping vulnerable patients.

As stated by the affidavit, Seymon acknowledged that he and Andrew Hillman, his business associate received payments amounting to one hundred and ninety thousand dollars from Forest Park for them to direct and manipulate patients to be admitted there or to physicians with the entitlement in the facility.

Mr. Narasov and his business associate also presented financial statements from their phones which tried to hide the kickbacks that were directed towards an outside organization by the name of Adelaide Business Solutions.

Mr. Narasov also acknowledged that while he was an employee of NextHealth he and his business associate presented false claims to both individually owned and state-owned health insurance companies seeking compensation for medical prescriptions which were useless, prescriptions for illicit medicine that were not approved by Food and Drugs Administration, and prescriptions that were directed by doctors who were taking bribe. They falsified claims saying that the companies were to share the costs with the patients.

In 2019 December, Mr. Hillman was found culpable of participating in both scams where he was sentenced and is to serve sixty-six months in federal prison.

The following bodies undertook the investigations; the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation, the United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General, the United States Department of Defense-Defense Criminal Investigative Service, the United States Office of Personnel Management Office of Inspector General, the United States Department of Labor Office of Inspector General and Food and Drugs Administration Office of Criminal Investigation. The prosecutors involved in these cases were the Assistant United States Attorneys Marcus Busch, Chad Meacham, and Andrew Wirmani.

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