Accomplices in the Illegal Opioid Prescription and Distribution Pleaded Guilty and Faced a Maximum 24 Years of Imprisonment

Accomplices in the Illegal Opioid Prescription and Distribution Pleaded Guilty and Faced a Maximum 24 Years of Imprisonment

The former medical office manager and medical assistant were involved in a Virginia “pill mill.” The defendants identified are Kimberly Lancaster, forty-one years old from Haymarket, and Susan Alcantara, a twenty-nine-year-old resident of Leesburg. Alcantara used to work as a secretary in a pain management clinic and OB/GYN clinic. Both clinics are located in Northern Virginia. The two female defendants made a guilty plea for collaborating in the illegal distribution of opioid pills. It is reported that from June 2018 to June 2019, Lancaster and Alcantara became instrumental in the “pill mill” operated by a doctor. The medically unnecessary prescriptions were given to patients who even paid cash.

Kimberly Lancaster had no legitimate medical education or sufficient training, but she instructed the doctor to dispense prescription medicines to beneficiaries. These people are not registered as patients of the doctor. The accused medical office manager fabricated the medical records for the doctor so that patients at The Medical Practices could give the impression that patients went through medical assessments, but in reality, they did not. Lancaster received payments from the doctor for falsifying the documents and by the accomplished prescription of opioids. Meanwhile, Susan Alcantara wrote opioid medications in the falsified orders then put a signature on them. She misused the identities of at least four persons unaware of the scam conducted in the multiple pharmacies in Northern Virginia. Though Alcantara is known to be addicted to taking opioids, the doctors issued batches of fabricated prescriptions. The prescriptions use the name of individuals that never received a medical examination or diagnostic from the doctor.

The two offenders’ conspiracy in the pill mill fraud scheme caused deceitful submission and distribution of prescription opioid drugs in large quantities to the pharmacies in Northern Virginia. The Medicaid health care benefits program was forced to pay Alcantara and Lancaster a huge amount for dishonest claims.

Lancaster is facing a maximum of 24 years of imprisonment after pleading guilty to the prescription fraud, and distribution and dispersion of regulated medications without a license and medical justification. Her sentence is scheduled for July 31, 2020. Likewise, Alcantara admitted her participation in the pill mill and fabricated statements connected to healthcare fraud. If convicted on July 31, 2020, she will be incarcerated for up to 9 years in federal prison.

Usually, federal law stipulates that the actual charges for federal violations should not exceed the maximum punishments. A federal district court jury will decide the weight of loads considering the United States Sentencing Guidelines and other constitutional factors.

The guilty pleas were made in the presence of the United States District Judge Leonie M. Brinkema, whereas Assistant U.S. Attorneys Monika Moore and Raj Parekh are handling the prosecution. The following personnel announced the crimes charged against Kimberly Lancaster and Susan Alcantara: Kevin Vorndran, Acting Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Washington Field Criminal Division; Maureen Dixon, Special Agent in Charge of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General (HHS-OIG); and G. Zachary Terwilliger, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.

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