A Resident Of Beckley Who Feigned Death To Avoid Conviction Will Spend 42 Months Behind Bars For Health Care Fraud

A Resident Of Beckley Who Feigned Death To Avoid Conviction Will Spend 42 Months Behind Bars For Health Care Fraud

A sitting judge of the United States District Court has convicted Mrs Julie M. Wheeler. Justice John T. Copenhaver convicted Mrs Wheeler to 42 months in prison for a one-count charge bothering on health care kick-back. In addition to that, Justice T. Copenhaver mandated her to pay a compensation fee of $289, 055.07, and she should also be monitored closely by the authorities for three years after she completes her jail term.

Justice John Copenhaver, while delivering his judgment, revealed that he was being that the accused tried May 31, 2020, acted to deceive the court by plotting her own death to escape conviction. She and her relatives on Sunday a script that made it look like she fell from the Grandview State Park. After they potted the fall, they alerted the officers of the law about the fake fall. The law enforcement agencies immediately swung into action to unravel what actually led to her fall. It was during the thorough search by the law enforcement agencies that led them to Mrs Wheeler’s house where she was eventually found. As we speak, Mrs Wheeler and her spouse have been dragged to court by the authorities to answer for charges relating to atrocities and misconduct.

United States Lawyer, Mark Stuart was the first to react to the ongoing development, he said her fraudulent action caused serious damage to her own immediate relative. Her sister could not get treatment for a birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord do not form properly. She also plotted her own death in a bid to escape conviction. In his last words, he said everything she did was dreadful and disgraceful.

Wheeler confessed in court on Tuesday, February 2020 that she presented fake invoices to the agency that deals with the birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord do not form properly. She presented inflated invoices treating one of her relatives who had this birth defect. Mrs Wheeler’s firm, known as homecare services were engaged in providing adequate treatment to a patient who had a birth defect that occurs when the spine and the spinal cord do not form properly. The accused is on record of not having provided the patient with the required care for the time under review. She submitted her claims to the Veterans Authority, claiming that she made available the care for the patient. She submitted a statement to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Veterans Authority indicating that she deliberately inflated the quality and rate of the care which she provided to the patient. This submission was further verified by a lot of other patients who tendered statements indicating that Wheeler did not give the patient 8 hours of care daily. The accused went further to admit that her actions defrauded the veteran’s authority of huge money that can be estimated to thousands of dollars and as such, denied the patient of much-needed services. The actions of Mrs Wheeler eventually resulted in the loss of life of the victim.

Erik S the United States Assistant Attorney, led the prosecuting team that investigated the matter.

Mr Stuart commended the efforts of everybody that had input in the investigation and prosecution of the matter. From the Veterans Affairs Office to the Office of the Inspector General, to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Health and Human Services were all given appropriate commendations.

The investigation on fraud was carried out by the ARREST team of the United States Attorney. This was a creative approach that linked criminal and civil efforts in an attack on healthcare fraud and the opioid epidemic. The formation of ARREST in February was made known by Mike Stuart. ARREST became saddled with the responsibility of handling all health care linked issues in the West Virginia Southern District. This situation is regardless of whether they are subject to civil or criminal litigations.

The domain of this team included the Appalachian Regional Prescription Opioid Strike force, the Opioid Fraud and Abuse Detection Team, Medicare and Medicaid Fraud, and a few others. The case success is attributed to the concerted and coordinated efforts made by all efforts towards the investigation and prosecution of the accused.

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