A man from Savannah, Georgia Indicted in A Kickback Scheme

A man from Savannah, Georgia Indicted in A Kickback Scheme

This is the 25th indictment involving telemedicine Fraud

Savannah, Georgia; A man from Florida operating a company selling durable medical equipment was indicted with conspiracy to commit a telemedicine fraud and Medicare kickback Scheme.

U.S. Attorney Bobby L. Christine for the Southern District of Georgia depicted that Patrick Wolfe from Belleair Beach, Florida, age 48, the owner of Wilmington Island Medical Inc., Operating as WI Medical Inc., a Georgia based company, was charged to have conspired to pay a bribe for  ‘leads’ that were actually authenticated dispositions from nurses and doctors, and then charging those dispositions to Medicare part C and Medicare Part B utilizing WI Medical resources. The monetary amount for the dispositions acquired from this scheme is estimated to have been in millions of USD. The Medicare recipients were situated in Georgia’s Southern District and other parts of the state. Patrick was indicted through the statements noted in the U.S District Court for Georgia’s Southern District.

Christine, U.S. Attorney stated that health care fraud which is a white-collar crime, was highly prioritized by her office and that she would use every available resource under her disposal to make sure that people who are involved in such offenses are held liable and culpable for their actions. Further reiterated that the Attorney’s office would not allow the state’s buffer to be utilized for selfish gains.

Further added that the trial resulted from “Brace Yourself Operation” and “Double Helix Operation”, in conjunction with earlier reported prosecution, adversely affecting Georgia’s Southern District as they carry on with increasing fraud cases making it one of the biggest trials ever held in the district. An earlier indictment of similar cases involved two caregivers, 8 doctors,3 engineers of various telemedicine enterprises, 2 dealers of patient information, and a few holders of strong medical apparatus enterprises. Medicaid and Medicare recipients whose names were employed as accomplices of the strategy to commit fraud were situated in all parts of the country, including Georgia’s Southern District.

The Department of Justice has prosecuted fraud cases totaling over 475 million U.S. dollars in the Sothern District of Georgia as part of their nationwide operations. These prosecutions include indictments involving fraudulent accusations for pain creams, genetic testing, orthotic braces, and other commodities valued billions of dollars.

Special Agent Chris Hacker in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigations Atlanta reported that fraud allegations were investigated thoroughly because this action caused harm to citizens through swindling health care assigned funds and taking advantage of the vulnerable especially those with health issues. He further reiterated that the FBI and law enforcement bodies will work tirelessly to make sure that the offenders face the law.

Special Agent Derrick L. Jackson in Charge at the U.S. HHS-OIG in Atlanta also said that it was high time to protect Medicare trust funds from fraud schemes. Further assured to collaborate with other law stakeholders in pinpointing and bringing to book perpetrators involved in telemedicine fraud.

Glen M. Kessler Resident Agent in Charge of United States Secret service also acknowledged the threat caused by fraudsters against Medicaid and Medicare as it resulted in the loss of the American’s money amounting to the loss of millions of dollars. He assured the court that his office and other stakeholders would form a task force to ensure that all doctors and telemarketers who put their selfish gains first above other citizens, especially now that COVID-19 pandemic is still posing a threat, will be punished.

An accusation is only an allegation and the accused remain innocent until proven guilty by the court of law.

This case investigation is currently ongoing. Telemedicine practice is currently an important part of the current healthcare systems than ever before, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic period, and people should be observant so that fraud and bribery do not take over the legally approved electronic medicine practices. In case you encounter or suspect any telemedicine kickbacks or fraud, contact the FBI or the nearest fraud office.

This specific accusation resulted in combined investigations from multiple offices and agencies. Christine U.S. Attorney commended the dedication and hard work applied by the investigation team which was led by the HHS-OIG, U.S. Secret Service, and Federal Bureau of Investigations-Savannah.

The prosecutors involved in these cases are U.S. Assistant Attorneys Jonathan A. Porter and J. Thomas Clarkson.

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