Medical License Defense Lawyer

Medical License Defense Lawyer

If you are worried about losing your medical license and are looking for an experienced medical license defense attorney, our team of highly skilled attorneys can help with any allegations that have been made against you. With vast experience in medical license defense cases, our firm can help save your career, livelihood, and reputation. Having your license revoked can cause adverse effects in both your professional and personal lives. Allegations made today can affect your career for years to come.

Hire an Experienced Medical License Defense Attorney

We understand how hard it is to become a doctor or licensed health care professional. Therefore, being under investigation can be a very stressful time. We’ll do all that we can to put a stop to any investigations that have been brought against you. Even if you’ve been to medical school, taken exams, and carried out various residencies, it is still possible for the government to remove your license. Doctors are pillars of society; if you are faced with disciplinary action, we will strive to protect you.

Work with Our Professional Medical License Attorneys

Our medical license defense attorneys have experience working hard to defend doctors and other medical specialists against any accusations that have been made against them. If you’re being investigated by the government or have had disciplinary proceedings initiated against you, contact us immediately.

If a serious charge of medical negligence is brought against a doctor or medical practitioner, it is possible for the state or federal government to revoke a license. If you are found to be guilty or have innocently made a mistake or misjudgment, you may be subject to discipline. In some situations physicians can be automatically suspended or have their licenses annulled. In other cases they may receive criminal charges that can result in imprisonment.

Regardless of your situation, our team of knowledgeable and skilled attorneys can help provide highly strategic legal representation. We aim to protect clients against any ill-founded government action. We have worked on cases that involve negligence claims and licensure application appeals. Our team of experienced attorneys regularly represent doctors, surgeons, and other health care professionals before the Board of Medicine. We also defend clients in administrative courts and state licensing divisions. Organizations such as the Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs), Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs), and Zone Program Integrity Contractors (ZPICs) could all become involved in investigating allegations made against you. With the help of well-versed medical license attorneys, you will be able to properly navigate the complicated legal process.


Reasons Why Physicians Face Medical Licensing Issues

When a doctor loses their license, it is often caused by something that seemed minor or innocent at the time the mistake was made. Sometimes, because of a routine audit, a physician may receive a letter seeking basic information about a medical procedure or patient visit. When the government requests data, it may be because they are investigating someone else’s conduct and are looking for expert witnesses. It’s not uncommon for witnesses to be put in a compromising situation and end up becoming the target of an investigation themselves.

There are several reasons why doctors may face an investigation and be threatened with the removal of their license. Some include ethical reasons like if a doctor has received a DUI, tested positive on a drug test, or conducted medical malpractice. Health care fraud charges and breaches in care standards are also common.


Health Care Fraud and Diverting Drugs

In recent years there has been a steady increase in prescription drug abuse rates, particularly opioids. Doctors have been accused of exacerbating the problem by diverting drugs and writing prescriptions to patients who do not require medications that are habit-forming. For these reasons, government licensing authorities carefully investigate drug diversion allegations.

Doctors and medical practitioners are frequently accused of diverting drugs due to innocent mistakes such as making clerical errors when using automated medication dispensing systems, or failing to properly dispose of medications. Doctors who have prescribed the wrong drugs due to a mix up in patient files may also find themselves under investigation for drug diversion.

More severe allegations involve stealing medications or writing prescriptions for patients who either don’t exist or don’t require the medication. Some doctors have been caught writing personal prescriptions or being involved in profit-making schemes involving the selling of prescription drugs to third parties. These situations commonly involve opioid medications. However, doctors aren’t always fully at fault. Doctors frequently deal with patients who fake or exaggerate symptoms in order to receive prescriptions.

The repercussions of drug diversion allegations can vary depending on the severity of the case. Doctors who have been accused, whether justly or unjustly, may be suspended or have their licenses revoked. Doctors may also receive criminal charges, which could result in large fines or even incarceration. If you’re accused of diverting drugs or committing another type of health care fraud, it is a serious matter and should be treated as such. If you find yourself in this situation, it is essential to seek immediate legal representation from a skilled law firm that is experienced in handling cases in the medical field. In many instances we can work to resolve the case before formal disciplinary action is considered.


Receiving a DUI or DWI

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can have a disastrous effect on your career and can be grounds for suspension. If you have been arrested and received a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), you may be subject to a lengthy investigation and receive ongoing monitoring. It is fairly common for doctors to lose their medical licenses after receiving a DUI or DWI. We believe that making an off-duty mistake shouldn’t bring your career to an end.

If you have been charged with a DUI it is  crucial to contact a medical license defense attorney as soon as possible. We will give you the advice you need regarding the steps you should take to defend yourself and your license.

We aim to protect your medical license and would like to see you continue your practice unrestricted, without ongoing monitoring requirements . We have experience representing doctors who have received DUIs, as well as physicians who have faced disciplinary action as a result of or prior to DUIs.

Positive Drug Test

If your employer made you take a drug test and you tested positive, don’t panic. While this could be reported to the medical board for examination of the facts and a decision on which disciplinary action to take, you may still be able to keep your license.

We have helped numerous doctors and nurses who have been found taking illegal drugs or drugs that they were not prescribed. If you find yourself in this situation, you will likely receive an immediate suspension and may have your license revoked.

Contact our experienced medical license attorney immediately if you suspect that your drug test is likely to come back positive. We will provide impartial and non-judgmental legal advice. Doctors commonly accept disciplinary action or even surrender their medical license without first speaking to a lawyer. It’s advisable not to make any confessions or agreements before first talking to a medical license attorney.

Criminal Conviction

If you have a criminal history, regardless of its nature, it may affect your ability to practice medicine. Additionally, doctors who are facing criminal charges and have had their license revoked or suspended will need to consult a lawyer in order to get it reinstated.

We are also able to advise and support doctors who have previous criminal convictions that they need to report. Our team of skilled medical license attorneys has also helped doctors and other health care professionals obtain their licenses even if they have a criminal history.
If you are aware of a criminal conviction but fail to report it promptly, you may be subject to disciplinary action. We have a multitude of experience in resolving criminal matters with the aim of protecting our clients’ medical licenses.


How We Can Help You

Has Your License Been Suspended?

If your medical license has been suspended recently, we can help challenge the decision and encourage government agencies to conduct further investigations, allowing you to continue practicing.

Having your license suspended is not the same as having it revoked. A license suspension can usually be challenged. This is a legal area we specialize in. As with any legal issue, time is of the essence. Therefore, it is essential to get in touch with our firm as soon as possible so that we can start working on your behalf. We have a proven track record of challenging suspensions and helping doctors retain their licenses.

Are You Struggling to Get Your Medical License?

If you are a recent medical school graduate who has been prevented from receiving your medical license, our lawyers may be able to help you. There are several reasons why doctors are blocked from receiving a medical license. The most common typically involves having been charged with criminal offense as a youth or during college. Sometimes the offense is a minor past disciplinary action, which could be criminal or noncriminal in nature.

Occasionally, simple administrative issues or mistakes prevent doctors from receiving their medical licenses.

These problems don’t automatically prevent them from practicing medicine; while they may put a temporary hold on a career, call our team of experienced medical license attorneys to find out how we can help.

Have You Received a Letter From the Board of Medicine?

Our lawyers can help defend against any allegations made against you to help protect your medical license. If an investigation is being carried out regarding your conduct, it’s crucial to call us immediately so that we can determine what course action is necessary.

We will give you an impartial review of the situation and prepare your case. We’ll be there to offer support and represent you when you meet with the medical board or administrative law judge. Our team will work hard to help minimize any damage that may impact your career.

Have You Been Referred to an Impairment Program?

With experience defending doctors and other health care professionals who have been referred to an impairment program, our lawyers can assist those who are considering enrolling in programs such as HPRP (The Health Professionals Recovery Program), IPN (Intervention Program for Nurses), or PRN (Professional Resource Network).

These organizations have been established to help doctors and other health care professionals who are encountering issues in their personal lives that may affect their careers. Doctors and nurses who have issues with alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or mental health problems may considered unfit to perform medicine at any level and may be referred to an impairment program. In some cases, physicians refer themselves to these programs if they feel like they are under emotional stress and are no longer able to properly function to the best of their ability. If you feel like you have been unfairly referred to an impairment program and don’t feel the need to attend, contact us for legal advice.

If you are considering entering an impairment program, we can advise you of your options and help protect your medical license. If you are currently being monitored, our medical defense lawyers may be able to help modify your monitoring agreement or get it dismissed altogether.

Do You Want to Report Convictions in Other States?

Our team of medical license attorneys can help if you are facing criminal charges in one state but hold a license and work in another. We can also help you decide whether or not to disclose past criminal or legal charges in one state to your employers in another.

In these cases it is best practice to consult an attorney in order to avoid divulging unnecessary information that could lead to further disciplinary action or investigations in the state you work.

Rather than put yourself in a situation where you’ve given away too much information, reported something unnecessarily, or made things worse for yourself, get the necessary legal advice you need. Contact our team and we will give you personal and confidential advice that will prevent future investigations.


Consult a Medical License Attorney

If you are facing any health care fraud or medical licensing mishaps, you should consult a lawyer as soon as possible. Make sure to find a professional medical license attorney who has experience with health care criminal defense and medical license defense. Our team of lawyers will employ our combined skills and experiences to assist with any case in the medical field.

Don’t risk your medical license or your career. Contact our team of lawyers today so that we can defend your case and bring proceedings to a halt.

Don’t hesitate! Give us a call or email us today for a free appointment. We can offer you advice, confidential support, and can assess your needs before moving forward.