Herb Kimble Healthcare Fraud Case

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Herb Kimble Healthcare Fraud Case

A massive fraud scheme involving more than $1 billion against federal programs was recently announced earlier this year by South Carolina federal investigators. This national fraud scheme involved physicians purchasing unnecessary medical tests and billing Medicare for them, costing Medicare millions of dollars in the process. It ended when several physicians alerted the federal government.

Herb Kimble, who runs call centers in the Philippines, is a U.S. citizen charged in the investigation. Although they operate in many countries, they are not considered legitimate institutions in any country.

 Kimble pleaded guilty on April 4th in a closed-door proceeding in federal court in Columbia. Kimble cooperated with federal prosecutors and agreed to pay restitution of at least $40 million for his involvement in the fraud.

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 Based on the plea agreement, Kimble agreed to testify before a federal grand jury, as well as reveal all that he knew about the scheme and its participants. He provided substantial information to the government in its investigation of the healthcare fraud scheme.

 Leveraging several U.S.-based intermediary companies,  Kimble and his associates cheated the government out of close to $1 billion in unnecessary Medicare payments since 2014.

  Before Kimble started collaborating, the federal government estimated that it had been fraudulently charged for only $9.4 million. Since Kimble’s cooperation helped expand the scope of the investigation, prosecutors suggested that he receive probation as part of the plea agreement.

 According to officials, Kimble fraudulent activity included selling cheap, medically unnecessary back, leg, and neck braces to thousands of elderly people, who paid for them with Medicare. The scheme also included doctors who wrote false prescriptions without actually seeing patients. 

  Kimble’s fraudulent activities took place in Florida, California, New Jersey, Texas, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. The scheme also used several other companies and bank accounts to support the flow of finances and appear legal, officials said.

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