Football coach charged in medicaid fraud scam

Football coach charged in medicaid fraud scam

Gregory Peacock, a special agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation, declared that a man from Georgia got caught in a fraud scheme related to healthcare. According to Peacock, the man Matthew Harrell aged forty-four has an organization which in the pretext of mental health business was dealing with Medicare fraud.

As per the FBI, the man was not providing mental health treatment services but was running a football coaching camp for collecting personal information of the participants. Harrell used that information to make fraudulent claims to Medicaid. He also promoted several sports activities in different schools to collect information from the participants. Other than Georgia, Harrell got branches of his company in Louisiana and Florida as well.

Harrell purchased a database of thirteen thousand fake identities of kids of Louisiana who are a part of a federal health program like Medicaid. He had fraudulently claimed to Medicaid program using these fake identities for the services which were never rendered. The total amount for this claim was around $.50 million.

Harrell was also involved in several fraudulent activities to make the appearance of his business as authorized. He had set up his offices in different cities and also hired manpower that was also a part of the scam. He engages his employees to make fraudulent claims to Medicaid. He had also prepared several documents to come clean in the audit.

It has also been alleged that Harrell had arranged several interviews with a healthcare professional. On the excuse of taking interviews, he had collected personal information along with Medicaid details of those professionals. He used that information to claim fake bills to Medicaid without the consent of the beneficiaries. Harrell and his company had received an amount of around two and a half million dollars from Medicaid based on these fake bills.

This investigation has been done by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Department of HHS/OIG, and other fraud investigation teams of the Medicaid program. The initial revelation was done by the Fraud investigation team of the Medicaid program while making a visit to the company owned by Harrell. All federal agencies work in close coordination with each other to investigate this case. According to Peacock, the federal agencies should work collaboratively to reveal such malpractices that can be beneficial for all stakeholders.

Harrell had already pleaded guilty on these charges of fraud in the healthcare system in 2019 and was sentenced to imprisonment of eleven years in 2020. There were seven other co-defendants who were also convicted in Georgia, Louisiana, and Florida. According to Peacock, the Federal Bureau of Investigation is working earnestly on revealing such scams related to healthcare.

Medicaid is one of the most critical health care programs that have benefited a lot of people across the United States. However, there are several scammers like Harrell who make illegal money with this program. The False Claims Act is one of the most pertinent legislation to prevent fraud and medical malpractice for you and your loved one. Medicaid fraud is the most common form of violation of the False Claims Act.

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