A Dallas Based Wellness Centre Prohibited from Touting Ozone Therapy as a COVID19 Treatment

A Dallas Based Wellness Centre Prohibited from Touting Ozone Therapy as a COVID19 Treatment

The Department of Justice today announced that, following a complaint filed in the U.S District Court for the Northern District of Texas, a federal court has now issued a judicial order compelling Purity Health and Wellness Centers to cease claiming that they offer treatment against Coronavirus at their Dallas “Ozone Therapy” center as such claims are false and could have serious harmful health implications

According to a complaint filed by federal prosecutors, the Department of Justice accused Jean Juanita Allen, one of the firm’s principals and Purity Health and Wellness Centers, defendants in the civil complaint for unjustifiably selling the idea that ozone therapy can be used as treatment against the novel COVID19 virus. Bound by a court order issued by U.S. District Judge Sam A. Lindsay in Dallas, the defendants although consented to be bound by the judicial order barring them from selling the unjustifiable claims and false representations that ozone can be used to treat or cure Coronavirus, they did not admit to committing fraud .

In a statement by Jody Hunt, Assistant Attorney General of the Justice Department Civil Division, Mr. Hunt indicated that the Department of Justice would not allow the false and unjustified promotion of CoronaVirus treatment plans that could be harmful and jeopardize the health of Americans. Jody Hunt also said that they were working alongside agency partners and law enforcement agencies in an attempt to stop individuals who wish to enrich themselves by persuading the public to buy the false Coronavirus treatment plans during this pandemic.

In another statement, Attorney Erin Nealy Cox of the U.S. District of Northern Texas, said that the Department of Justice will not allow any selfish individuals to take advantage of unsuspecting citizens to exploit them during this pandemic. He added to say, the defendants took advantage of the vulnerability of citizens and capitalized on their fears to spread the unjustifiable COVID19 treatments that absolutely had no impact on the virus.

Jean Allen, one of Purity Health and Wellness Center principals told a potential client on the phone that ozone was safe for children and it could sanitize anything and eradicate bacteria or viruses despite it being dangerous. The court filings show Allen claiming that the ozone steam sauna is 95% effective for patients who had tested positive for the novel COVID19 virus as recommended by doctors as it would increase oxygen levels in the blood. This is despite the fact that there are no known drugs or vaccines against COVID19 at the present moment.

On Instagram, the center claimed that ozone could cure deadly diseases such as cancer, SARs and Ebola while insisting that it was the only prevention against COVID19 as it would eradicate the virus.

A statement by FBI Special Agent in Charge Mathew J. Desarno of the Dallas Division, echoed Jody Hunt, Assistant Attorney General of the Justice Department Civil Division earlier sentiments that, together with their partners, the FBI were working to detect, prevent and dismantle any COVID19 fraud that would illegally profit individuals taking advantage of the anxiety and fear that the pandemic has caused among unsuspecting citizens.

Another statement by Stacy Amin, Food and Drug Administration Chief Counsel indicated that the Department of Justice and other law enforcement agencies were not taking this COVID19 fraud lying down. In her statement, admits that the FDA is fully committed to stopping the illegal profiteering by selfish individuals who are banking on selling false and unproven treatment plans that are meant to jeopardize the health of American citizens during the COVID19 pandemic. In another statement by the FDA, claims that ozone could be used as a treatment against COVID19 were dismissed as bogus. This is because it has no known useful medication properties other than being a toxic gas and an irritant to the respiratory system.

The case investigated by the FBI Dallas Field office and the Food, Drug Administration Office of Criminal Investigations was prosecuted by Patrick Runkle, Trial Attorney from the Division’s Consumer Protection Branch in the Civil Division, Fabio Leonardi Assistant U.S Attorney COVID19 fraud coordinator for the Northern Dallas District and Assistant U.S. Attorney Kenneth Coffin.

To protect American citizens, it is paramount that the Department of Health move swiftly to counter propaganda against COVID19 by providing timely and accurate health information. If you know of any healthcare provider that is touting fake treatment plans for any kind of disease, have exploited and subjected patients to unsafe and unnecessary procedures, please do not hesitate to reach our legal team. Report related COVID19 fraud schemes by calling the number 888-402-454. Our team of dedicated defense lawyers will give you the legal help you need in minimizing the impact of health care fraud to our health care system.

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